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July 2011 Weddings

So confused?!

Or maybe it's the knot that is confused.  On my profile page and on my website it says 251 days to go.  But when the bar at the bottom of the screen pops up with other links it says 190 days to go!  Is anyone else's messed up too? Or is it just mine?!  Oh and I love that the knot tells me I have 28 overdue items on my to do list, but when I click on it there are only 3 things left to do this month and all previous months are full.  Lame.  Anyone else noticing little things like this that don't make sense?
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Re: So confused?!

  • Mine says 259 in both places. It's the bigger number, that's right, correct?
  • Is there a way to delete stuff off the knot's checklist if you're not doing it, rather than just checking it like it's done?  For example, if I'm not having a wedding coordinator, and it's telling me that I'm overdue.  
  • Yeah, the bigger number is the correct number.  The smaller number would be sometime in May!  I don't know if there is a way to delete items if you aren't doing them.  I just check them off as done!
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  • Can't you just check the items off as done?

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  • Kass- I have been checking them off.  The thing is it keeps telling me I have 28 things over due, but when I actually go to the list there's only 3 things there!!  Where are the other 25 things I was supposed to do?!  It makes me feel like I'm missing something important that I don't even know about!!
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  • Leah-my to do list has the weird numbers like that too.  I've just started ignoring it..I feel like I'm doing fine without it.  It was nice to start off with the wedding planning..now I've kinda got a groove on myself..haha!
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  • Mine does too.  I'm so glad, because I checked it last night and couldn't figure out where the other things were.  I am finding that TK checklist is a little ahead of itself.  Everytime I go to a vendor they just comment on how early I'm getting things done.  Well it told me to do it now. 
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