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July 2011 Weddings

Ok so I am one of those people

FI and I have a wedding of one of FI's high school and college friends to go to in September. Now he is from a really small town, one where everyone knows everything about everyone. Well, the invite came today. It was addresses to "Steven B**** and Guest." Really!?! Now I am not a stickler for etiquette but I found this just rude. I have had numerous talks and visits with both the Bride and Groom, and its not like I am going anywhere anytime soon (reference ring on left finger). I mean FI and I have been together twice as long as this couple, really the least they could've done is called and asked what my name was if they forgot. I just always think that "and guests" are reserved for new relationships or casual dating. Oh! and the included registry info but that isn't a biggie. Anyone else have any WR things that push them over the edge or am I really just letting the PMS get to me?
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Re: Ok so I am one of those people

  • Thats totally understandable! If they've met you, at least more than once, they should have at least called and asked your name. If it were me, I would be like, "Oh, I wanted to make sure everyone's name is spelled right. Could you spell your gf/fi's name for me?" Nothing really right now pushing me over the edge. I'm 700 miles away from my family, and now that the venue is booked, I'm relaxing on planning for a bit. BUT I did find a photographer I love, in Charleston...too bad the wedding's in Philly!
  • Honestly! I would be highly offended. They're probably just all caught up in the wedding excitement. But still!!
  • Honestly I would be offended too....The one WR thing I have is an aunt that is REALLY starting to get to me..making comments and such...See post titled... "Aunt seriously hurt me" but don't let it get to you. It really could have been a mistake.... But they should have called.
  • I agree with the girls...you guys are engaged--your name should totally be on the invite! Make sure you responded on the response card with your name as well!!!
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