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July 2011 Weddings


Where are you guys planning on registering? And how many stores? What is your most wanted thing? The last post motivated me...lol I guess I will start... We plan to register at about 3 or 4..(is that the norm?) lol.. and they are.... 1. Bed, Bath & Beyond 2. Macy's 3.Tiffany & Co 4.Crate & Barrel *IKEA- This is for fun stuff....I may switch it out for one of the tops 4 we don't know yet!! Most Wanted: I would have to say the Kitchenaid Mixer ( in Red or Black) and a really great comforter set...ooo and a Crystal Vase for my flowers.....yes.. :-D Getting a little stoked here.....lol

Re: Registries!!

  • OMG I love Ikea... Just for your info though they don't do registries.  I asked when I was there in June :(.I have no idea yet.  FI's family is from a really small town and the only store they have in the area is Wal-Mart.  Don't get me wrong, we shop at Wal-Mart more than we should but I think it is a little too Trailer Park Fantastic for a Wedding Registry.  That being said I think we may just register at Target.  The stuff is a little nicer and we don't need all that much because we have already been living together for 3 years (5 by the time the wedding is here.)My most wanted things: 1.  Kitchen Aide stand mixer (if I don't get one I am buying one the next day, and I have threatened FI with no more peanut butter cookies if he tries and stops me, ha ha) 2. Counter Top Wine Fridge 3. My grandma's bedroom set.  She has a shopping addicition and it has been buried under crap for 7 years.  I told her not to buy anything for us, just let me clean out the room and take the bedroom set.  She aggreed for now, lets see if she remembers.  Love You Grans!!Sorry that was so long..
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  • Planning to register?? IDK. Probably next summer. Most likely going to register at 2 places. JC Penney or Kohls. Those are the definites that are in both the north and the south...darn this planning from a distance! Maybe we'lll do Williams and Sonoma like I said before...I really do love that store! I'd have to agree with the kitchenaid mixer. I also want good pots and pans...and good knives. Nice sheets would be good...and new towels! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! PS I also want the most random kitchen tools ever...seriously whatever I can find!
  • 1. Macy's 2. Kitchen Kapers 3. Target Maybe Crate & Barrel or The Container Store. Most wanted.....EVERYTHING! lol! FI and I love bar stuff! I really want to get some great modern-motif decor. Probably a nice surround sound system and TV. Mixer is a good idea! Thats something my FSIL did not get at her shower.
  • 1. Bed, Bath & Beyond 2. Pottery Barn/Pier One/Crate & Barrel I cannot wait for a waffle maker (love me some waffles) and all of our china & everyday plates/dishes/silverware!!! Yayayy!!
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  • We're planning on 2 or 3 depending on if the places have what we're looking for at the time...1. Target2. Bed Bath and Beyond3. Pier One??  Home Depot or Lowe's...never know what may need to be fixed up in the future house!!Most Wanted:  some nice pots and pans!  but I'm sure that will change when registry time comes!!  oh and that Kitchenaid Mixer is sounding like a necessity too!  =)
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