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Do Sandals Resorts Rooms Go On Sale?

Ok so I've been looking into booking our honeymoon at a Sandals Resort - and currently they are running a 65% off sale - but it seems that the rooms have been 65% off for months now.  I am wondering if they ever run an even better deal? 

Re: Do Sandals Resorts Rooms Go On Sale?

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    They always run those deals. Every so often on select resorts they will have 7th night free.
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    Depending on time of year sometimes you can get flight deals to the bahamas in general.
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    From what I've heard, the earlier you book, the cheaper it is going to be.  I wouldn't wait around for a "sale".
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    My FH and I went to Sandals. To be honest with you. not impressed. We had a mid-level room so when we went to dinner--the butler suites were immediately seated, we had (sometimes) had a VERY long wait. Since I'm diabetic... it wasn't very comfortable for me.

    Secondly, there were the almost constand megaphones of "We have a jewelry sale", or "There is a party going on at....". It was just to much.

    We went to a couples resort in Ocho Rios called Couples. Much nicer. Sexier. Not as large. Food was much better. Beaches less crowded. They have a great message board on their website and the people are great there. About the same price as Sandals. They do not have butler suites and private pools. But we enjoyed ourselves much more there then the constant noise of Sandals. IMHO
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    Which Sandals did you go to? We have already booked ours and am becoming concerned...
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