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Flight Vibes Please!

Hey Ladies! So I was wondering if I could get some vibes for a good flight today? Faith and I are flying from Boston to Chicago around 5pm today...just the 2 of us! H is in FL for the week at his annual sales meeting which is why he isn't flying with us. He has been worried about me being able to manage getting through security solo with a baby and all her stuff, plus getting on and off the plane and the flight itself, and I have been like, "Oh I got this, I got this, don't worry because I got this!" but now flight day is here and I am thinking, "well maybe I don't got this?" and all the nightmare scenarios start running through my head!

The reason I am going a few days before H is because my sis and BIL live in CHicago and have not met Faith yet. If I waited until Saturday to fly in with DH BIL wouldn't get to meet her because he has to leave on Friday for work plus I wanted to spend a few days with my sis.
Anyway, if you can just keep us in mind and send some positive travel/good baby vibes our way it would be appreciated!

PS I had asked my mom to fly with me and she said no, but for the last 2 days all she has done is ask me, "Well how are you going to manage __________ on a plane? And how are you going to do this? How are you going to do that?" And I finally snapped at her and said THIS IS WHY I ASKED YOU TO FLY WITH US A MONTH AGO!!!! So stop asking me because I don't know how I am going to do it but I will figure it out!!! Just had to get that out. Wink
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Re: Flight Vibes Please!

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