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July 2011 Weddings

For the millionth time...

Do you open wedding gifts? I opened the card to see who it was from. I can send a thank you saying we received the gift, but the gift is gift wrapped. (i did peek on my registry so i know what it is)

Next question: My Gma and aunt in Mi sent me a gift last frieday. If was a comfortor, I checked my registry and realized that sheets wwere also purchased. On Monday I had another package, I thought it was sheets, nope it was flatware I still haven't gotten any sheets. I don't know if my gma and aunt sent them. I want to know because if I don't get them I know they will be mad, but I don't want to seem, whatever. What do I do? Only 1 other item on my registry has been purchased and I got that gift at my shower. What do I do? Also I don't know if these are showere gifts or wedding gifts. When invitation went out my aunt said they wont make the shower but will send gifts. I actually flew to Mi and my gma mentioned them sending gifts. In the thank you card, i want to say that they were missed at the shower but i appreciate the gift, but what if it isn't a shower gift, can I still say that?

That was a lot, thanks for reading. 
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