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July 2011 Weddings

Can I just say?

I am sick and tired of people posting pics of their babies on FB every. single. day.

Maybe this is an unpop op, but I needed somewhere to vent about this without hurting any feelings (hopefully) because that's not my intent.

I do get being over the moon excited about your kid and wanting to show them off. However, cripes, they look the same today as they did yesterday. Maybe leave a week in between pics?

I have one girl who gave birth last month. She has literally posted a new pic every day. Today she posted a video and then liked her own video! I mean, I get posting pics right when they're born. And maybe every month to show growth. Or if there's a special occasion and they're in a super cute outfit. But every day?

There are people out there that get this I think. One of my BM's had her second baby in Aug. and besides posting some birth pics, has not posted any. Instead, she sent a birth announcement with some pics through the mail to close family and friends. Why can't we go back to doing this??

Sorry if you have kids and do this. My intent is not to offend. Maybe I just don't get it b/c I don't have babies....

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