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July 2011 Weddings

Peaches post got me thinking...

How are you going to decorate your ceremony location?
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Re: Peaches post got me thinking...

  • I can't find the pic, but I am thinking of lining the aisle in submerged centerpiece, like 4 or 5 per side.  I am little worried about knocking them over with my dress though.
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  • rak123rak123 member
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    I am not doing much with ours.  I am putting some pew flowers on each chair, and maybe an aisle runner. 

    I am going with a "less is more" look. I don't want to take away from the natural beauty of it.  Here is a link to our site http://www.nazarethhall.com/grotto.htm
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  • Well our ceremony is outside on a really beautiful golf course, so it doesn't need much!  There is already a giant arch that we will get married under, and there is grass with the white chairs the guests will sit in with a brick path for the walk and all that.  There are also some potted flowers that match my overall theme by the arch and at the start of the path, so I will be keeping those. It all overlooks the golf course which has a lot of landscaping, bridges, water falls, all that, so we won't be decorating too much.  We are going to line the brick path with real rose petals and then the flower girl will drop petals, and that will be just about it!  We will have a basket at the entrance with the fans, but other than that it is just the natural scenery!
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  • Assuming we can be outside for our ceremony (I'm convinced, though, that it's going to pour on our wedding day) we're just going to let the beauty of the venue do it's thing... so, at most, we'll just have petals strewn down the aisle (no aisle runner).

    If we wind up being indoors... then it's going to be a very bleak looking ceremony space, haha.  Oh well!  :-)
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  • I really have no idea. Our ceremony is in a large modern church and I have no idea how I should go about decorating it! I need to get a few photos and let you ladies tell me . . I'm sure having photos would also be helpful for me as well.
  • I have ordered from my florist pew cone (close to the ones on my bio) and a full flowered arch, pricey but a must have and my monogram runner that i will line will rose petarls.
  • I'm planning to do something like this in the church:

  • sunicosunico member
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    Our ceremony will be in the same room as our reception. They're literally setting up for the ceremony, pushing all the reception tables up against the walls and putting up nice ivory fabric screens to hide them, then flipping the room while we're out on the terrace having champagne! So we're not decorating per se. We're having ivory chair covers and I have made ivory rose pomanders for the pew markers. It's already a beautiful space - that's all the decorating we're doing.
  • I am doing lanterns with ribbon around the pews like

    But in black and pink :) No isle runner and just some pretty petals by the flower girl. Theres 2 columns at the front of the church where we will be standing. I think I am going to buy some pretty orchid plants in the pot and put them on the columns and thats about it!

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  • FI will be building me an arch and it will be decorated with flowers.  We will have two tall flower arrangements to start the aisle, they are in tall glass vases, they will have mosaic tile on their stands that you can see thru the vase.  Then we will have floral pew markers.  We aren't really transforming the space, but we will make it look like a wedding ceremony and try to add some elegant touches!!!
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