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Good Morning Ladies!  Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend??

Tonight FI and I will just stay in and relax/watch a movie.
Tomorrow I am going to buy my wedding dress!!  I am so excited!! 
Sunday- I think that I may go check out some open houses!

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    Not really. lol. I am having a girls night out tonight, tomorrow we are just going to be lazy and hang out. and Sunday we are going to do the same. Last weekend was a little crazy trying to find a house, i am kind of sick of looking at houses so we are taking a break :)  Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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    Tonight is a staying at home movie kinda night. Tomorrow my family and I (and FI) are visiting with extended family. It's my cousin's prom so we're going up to see her all dolled up. I miss having things to dress up like that for! The next time I do that will be our wedding!
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    FI and I are going to Crate and Barrel tonight to look at some things for our reigstry.  We'll probably walk around the mall too (window shopping only!). 
    Tomorrow we have a family get together with FI's family. 
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    Well FI works till midnight tonight and tomorrow night, so I'm stuck by myself..ugh! 

    Tonight I am babysitting a 3 yr old...it will be great fun! 

    Saturday, I'm working on wedding stuff. Sorting through what I have, writing detailed lists of what I'll need to complete my DIY projects...homework and whatever else I decide to do while FI is at work...

    Sunday, homework..we might go add things to our registry in the store since I've only started a registry online.  So possibly off to Target and JCP....Super excited for that!  =)

    Maybe tomorrow night we can have a little party on the board?  Where we talk about anything WR and NWR!  I think it will be fun!  Or we can schedule it for another weekend?!?
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    Tonight FI is having his BF sleep over b/c they are going fishing on FFIL's boat so I am treating myself to a mani/pedi after work and maybe renting myself a movie to watch in bed with my dog Parker while the boys watch sports lol.

    Tomorrow I have a spin class at 9 am then a bridal shower from 1-5 and then friends bday party at her house at 6 so I am booked!  But then sunday we will probably just chill :) 

    We have no plans next weekend for Memorial Day so I dont mind a busy day tomorrow.  Memorial day we plan on landscaping the right side of the front of our house.  We did the left side last summer.  It was too expensive to do the whole thing at once.
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    My parents are coming up this weekend (its a long weekend here in Canada)  and I get to go DRESS SHOPPING!! yay! very excited
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    Nati05Nati05 member
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    Ooo exciting Madison! Make sure to keep us posted afterwards! :)
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    I work tonight and I'm spending the rest of the long weekend fishing
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    yay Madison!!!  =)  Ditto with what Nati said!! Pics!
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    Babysitting tonight (aka...my higher paying more fun job.), hanging with FI later later tonight, maybe go for a hike tomorrow morning, sort through wedding vendor stuff and maybe think about narowing down choices for the other "big stuff". 
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    My fiancee has a football game tomorrow, so we are going to Bozeman which is about a 6 hour drive in the morning, doing the football thing all day tomorrow, spending the night there, then Sunday I get to go to Michaels!! We don't have one here, so I am super excited! Probably do some other shopping before we head home. Have a great weekend everyone!! BTW the party on the board sounds fun, but I wont have internet access, have fun without me!
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    We went to look at a house tonight and are going back for a second take/make an offer tomorrow!  Also a sleepover with my niece and going to the festival in town tomorrow.  Sunday is a friend's bridal shower!
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    After having breakfast with my mom to celebrate my end-of-school, I plan to find/create a plan for running/exercise. I want to be in shape enough to go water skiing and rock climbing this summer, and I'd love to have toned arms on the wedding day. :)

    I also want to sort all my papers that I've been stuffing in my file box. It's so full I can't really use it anymore.

    Not that big of a weekend for me.
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