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honeymoon, hurricane season, HELP!

FI and I are planning to go to Orlando, FL for our honeymoon. We will be gone 10/5-10/13. We know that hurricane season is now here- we were watching the weather channel and we saw many storms out in the ocean that look like they're headed for Florida and the Caribbean. FI and I are both somewhat afraid to fly since we've only flown a few times before and not very recently. We are worried about hurricanes since we've never experienced a hurricane. Anyone else feel this way? Does anyone have tips or advice on what to do? We really REALLY want to go to Florida for our honeymoon but we're also both very worried and anxious about flying and about hurricanes. Anyone live in Florida or been through a hurricane? How bad has Orlando gotten hit before with hurricanes and what should you do in one? Any advice would help!

Re: honeymoon, hurricane season, HELP!

  • Having your HM in FL during Hurricane season, you're taking a chance. You really never know where these things are going to go, or when their going to pop up. Maybe you should think about going somewhere out West, or postpone till after the season. I live in Miami, and been through a few storms....definitely not worth the stress especially on your HM...
  • One of the reasons they put Disney in Orlando is because of its central location and distance from hurricane hit areas. Obviously if there is a hurricane coming and its heading for Orlando then there's not much you can do. Hurricanes really differ, some are terrible acts of weather and some are no worse then a bad storm... it's really hard to say what it'll be like. I went to Florida one year in late September and it rained every day in the late afternoon and it was very humid but after it was done raining the weather was fine. Hotels in the area are built to handle bad weather so as long as your staying in a reputable place I think lodging will be ok. If you really want to go to Florida in October I really recommend looking into travel insurance that covers bad weather, some do and some don't. That way if your flight gets delayed either way then you can get reimbursed. hth!
  • aug, sept and oct are generally busy hurricane months. you can google 'orlando hurricane history' and find out all about it.we have hurricanes here on long island from time to time. sometimes they're the storms from hell, sometimes not-it really all depends. if you REALLY want to go to orlando and are so terrified that you can't do it-why not go after hurricane season? wait until december or january. but if you decide to brave it-get trip insurance that includes weather related cancellation/interruption. i've purchased policies from insuremytrip.com for years and (thankfully) have never needed it-but it's there if you do.if there's a hurricane coming and it's a bad one? run or hope to god that your hotel is built to withstand the force. or rent a car and drive out of the path, or get a flight out of there if you can....there are many options. i'd be more worried if i were going to the coast-miami, west palm etc... orlando is in the middle and, as far as i can remember, dosen't ususally get really bad ones-they dissipate after going over land for a bit. about the fear of flying-can't help you there-it's one of my favorite things :)


  • I live 30 min. west of Orlando...honestly, the likelihood of a hurricane in October isn't as high as one rolling through in August or September. If you're really concerned about it, as PP mentioned, get trip insurance. October is a really nice time to be in Florida since the temps are beginning to cool down and there aren't as many tourists at the attractions. If it was me, I'd take that chance. DH and I had our HM towards the end of July in the Caribbean...chance of hurricanes? yes...Trip insurance? you bet! Any type of travel you do where you spend a lot of money, insurance is definitely something you want. On the flying thing, take a Dramamine haha. You'll sleep through the flight. I used to HATE flying. I'd seriously have panic attacks even thinking about having to fly. The one thing that completely changed my mind about flying was getting to the airport early enough to watch planes take off and land. Once I saw how many planes were coming and going, it made me realize how safe it really is. You can even talk to the pilot if you're really worried about it.
  • I live in Orlando too and think that you should be pretty safe as far as flying. I flew up north in August, Sept, and October last year and didn't even think about Hurricane Season.  I only think about it when booking a cruise.
  • Buy travel insurance. You can go to Aruba it's below where hurricanes hit. Each hurricane is different can hit a place that hasn't been it in years- like Katrina.
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  • Just because Orlando is in central FL doesn't make it in the clear. It will only take one to mess it up and they can go anywhere...
  • definitely invest in trip insurance........try travelguard
  • I've actually ridden out a few hurricanes in the Disney resorts (in 2004), because I was working there at the time. The hotels are built to withstand the storms, we never lost power or water. If there's one thing Disney is anal about, it's safety. So take whatever comfort you can in that. IF a hurricane were to be a serious/imminent threat, the parks would be closed and the resorts would essentially put on lockdown, meaning you shouldn't leave. Yes, you might get bored and stir crazy, but you would be as safe as possible for someone riding out a hurricane, and would have a lot of time to spend one-on-one with your new hubby. ;) Remember, Disney is all about catering to their guests, so they'll do all they can to keep people happy. They can't control the weather, though. As for the flying, I guess dramamine is always an option.
  • I live in Florida and to be quite honest I would not fret about October. Right now is the prime time for hurricanes, we usually get them toward the end of August and first couple weeks in September. October is hurricane season but chances are a lot less and it wont look like it does right now, so dont get scared watching the weather channel. Besides, when hurricanes come I usually flock to Orlando because it is inland and doesnt get the brunt of the storm. During hurricane Wilma my husband and I went to Orlando to escape and got some bad rain and some wind but nothing major. We didnt even lose power or anything. Next day we went to Disney World! Bottom line dont stress it. I would definitely still go if I were you!
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