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July 2011 Weddings

S/O Poll!!!: Britt's Happy Sigh Post :)

I know we've done this before but I want details!!! Everyone comment after they answer the poll. When are we all making babies or wanting to have babies?!
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Re: S/O Poll!!!: Britt's Happy Sigh Post :)

  • Realistically, it probably will be 2 years after. We need the time to ourselves since we don't live together and it would be best for us job-wise to wait a little longer. I would like to start trying after a year, but I know that might not be the smartest decision for us! :)
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  • Fi is in his 30's and wanting babies asap, especially now that his brother and his g/f are pregnant, due in august, in a perfect world i'll be expecting with in a year of tying the knot!!
  • In Response to Re: S/O Poll!!!: Britt's Happy Sigh Post :):
    [QUOTE]Fi is in his 30's and wanting babies asap, especially now that his brother and his g/f are pregnant, due in august, in a perfect world i'll be expecting with in a year of tying the knot!!
    Posted by bridetobemo[/QUOTE]

    That's so exciting!!!! :)
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  • I voted 4-5 years because I absolutely refuse to have one before that, but I can't imagine myself ever "trying". I'm not a baby person in the least, but I promised FI a child sometime after I'm 30. 
  • Thanks Chevelle, yeah I'm super excited!! I cant wait to be a mommy!!
  • Some days I think that DPD would be happy with a honeymoon baby.  I would like to wait at least until the end of our first year.... like this time, next year?  Since I'm a few years older, I should really be the one in a rush... but I wouldn't mind just 1 more year alone with him.  I'm not ready to share.  :)
  • I think we will shoot to start trying after the 1 year anniversary.  I told FI I want to sip champagne on our 1st anniversary.
  • I want to wait until I have a teaching job and have completed my masters. I also want time alone just us before our lives are committed to a little one. 
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  • mizjodimizjodi member
    I put 4-5 years out, but even TTC is still questionable for us. I'm already in my 30s, df has two kids, and he's in school ft. I refuse to even consider TTC-ing until he's graduated and has a permanant job. I also give myself an age limit of 36, which is only five years out. Df doesn't want more kids, due to the age difference there would be. His youngest would be 8 or 9 by the time it'd be reasonable to try, and I don't know if I will want to! So, I may be one of those women who just never has kids of her own!

    So the choice I would've chosen, had it been there, was we're unsure :)
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  • Probably 2-3 years..need to get some bills paid off.

    But we'd like 2 or 3, and will hopefully be at least on the second one by the time I'm 30 and I'm 25 now...so....

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  • We don't have an official time that we've set in stone for starting to TTC, but I have terrible baby fever and FI has some himself, so I doubt we'll wait too long (especially since we want several kids and I'll be almost 30 at the time of the wedding). However, I'm starting a new job right before the wedding, so TTC right away wouldn't be a good choice for us. We'll probably wait a few months to get past the 1-year mark at my job before a baby is born.
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  • I think FI would be happy with a honeymoon baby, actually, but because of finances, we'll probably wait to start actively trying for about a year and a half-two years.  Though, we just talked yesterday about the possibility of "not actively preventing" anything from happening for a little while before we start TTC.

    I'd really like to be in a house before we have kids, and we're probably at least 8 months to a year away from that.
  • I said 4-5 but more like 4. I want to make sure we are as ready as we can be plus we would like to do a little bit more traveling before having the kiddies (2)
  • I put one year because that's when we'll probably start actively trying.. but we'll stop preventing as soon as we say I do as I hate the way my BC makes me feel.. so if God wants a baby 9 months from July 9th, there may just be one! :)
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  • 4-5 years for us, we're only 24/25, so we've got time.  We still have graduate degrees to finish and will probably be moving a couple times before we settled down in one area/have a house and main job.  But that's generally how our field works and we knew to expect that, so we're totally ok with that!
  • I put 2-3 years.  I was thinking I'd go off BC as soon as we say I do; just see what happens.  but FI isn't really comfortable with that.  He was an only child, born to a 37 yr old mother, so his perspective and mine (second of 2, mom was 24 with the first and 27 with me) are pretty different, haha.

    The last couple weeks I've started getting nervous about it though - my career's starting to get kind of hot and I don't know how that will affect our plans :-/  I'm kind of hoping when the time comes I'll be able to work from home part time so I can spend a little extra time with the kids while still progressing my career...
  • None for us.  :)  We have a dog and it's plenty of work/responsibility.  I couldn't even imagine having to take care of a person.  I worry enough about my dog.  I'd be a wreck with a kid. 
  • sunicosunico member
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    We've been trying for real since January. Really hoping for a HM baby!!!
  • I said 4-5 years. We're both 23, so we definitely have plenty of time. Plus I'm going back to grad school in the fall and it's a 2-year program, so any less than 4-5 years wouldn't really be enough for us to get ourselves established and ready.
  • I voted "1 year after". I'd really like to be having a baby around this time next year, but we still haven't really decided on a plan yet. We're definitely not going to start trying right away, but if I got pregnant anytime after the wedding (or now) we'd be okay with it. We both only want 1 - 3 kids so since we're both only 26, there's no rush.
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  • lakfroglakfrog member

    We're going to start trying on the honeymoon in July. We're both ready, in our 30's and know we ideally want 2-3 kids. We'll have been married about 3 months by then and we know it could take awhile before we get pregnant. We have a few friends who have struggled. So we figured no better time to start than the honeymoon! (For us, not everyone in general!!)

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  • I am already off BC so we are hoping for a HM baby.  With the way my maternity leave works at school, I really need to be pregnant by September at the latest, otherwise we'd have to wait another year (which neither of us wants to do...esp bc FI is so much older than me).  I am so ready!
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  • Even further out! I'm not ready for children!
  • I'll be going off my BC before too long but we won't be seriously trying for about 6 months after the wedding.  Want to get a couple things paid off and FI is looking for a new job. 
  • I would love to start trying as soon as we get married but we need to buy a house first. The apartment we live in now has lead paint and we can't really have a baby there. yes, I know, we can force the landlord to delead the house but she is a family friend and we don't want to do that. So, we are going to start house hunting as soon as we are married. Then a baby shortly after.
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  • i don't know.

    i would like a 1 year HUGE anniversary trip and maybe START trying then.  we haven't really talked about it, i just don't want to rush.

    i have expended so much time and energy planning this wedding, i feel like i need a break...
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    No children for us, thanks! Dude would be a horrible father (he needs work taking care of the fur babies as it is) and neither of us was ever interested in creating new life. I'm happy being an aunt to my adorable nephew and a mom to my furry babies.
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  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    "No baby making for us" was my choice.  At age 50 with a son about to graduate from high school (in less than 4 weeks -- eeek!), I'm done.  FI is already a grandpa, so the thought of another baby makes him shudder -- literally.

    I wish you all the best of luck.  Motherhood is a blessed adventure, ladies.  Enjoy it every step of the way; before you know it, you're addressing graduation announcements.  Whoa!
  • I put 2-3 years. I really want to travel a little bit more and move to our dream spot in SC before popping out a child :3 Though FI really likes kids and feels that he wants them sooner rather than later.
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  • No babies ever! I would be a horrible mother. I get very awkward around kids. FI and I want to travel, we also want to be able to move around for his job. So basically we want to be able to live selfishly.
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