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I've started researching two-week honeymoons in Europe. My fiance and I are not tour people, we would like to do our own thing. We would would like to get to England, Belgium/Netherlands, and Germany. Does anyone have any experience with booking a trip to Europe? Any websites I should check out? Would it be easier to just use a travel agent? How about hotels or "must see" spots?Any help would be appreciated-Thanks!

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    Its not on your list but I traveled all over France and loved it. Paris is awesome and the smalled towns are very romantic. I went in school so I didnt plan any of it so I am no help there. I am sure where ever you go it will be awesome. I know you don't want to spend your whole trip with a tour guide but one might be helpful at times.
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    Hello!  I've traveled around Europe several times, in large groups, with family, and as a couple.  Deciding how much time you want to spend planning will help you determine whether or not you want to use a travel agent.  Personally, it's not something I usually do, but if this is your first big trip abroad, it might be helpful.Some helpful websites include Kayak (to find cheap flights), Sidestep, and Lonely Planet (for information about the locales you're considering).  Also, Trip Advisor is an invaluable resource for up-to-date hotel reviews and info for places all over the world.I can give some hotel recs for England, Brussels, and the Netherlands if you're interested.  Another option is to have a travel agent just take care of transportation (flights/trains/car rentals) and hotels, then plan the rest of your itinerary yourself.  HTH!

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    All of my European trips I've (or my family or my husband and I) have booked myself. I'm a HUGE fan of self-catering apartments. Usually cheaper than hotels and so much more homey.What are you in to doing? Cultural stuff? Outdoorsy stuff? If you spend some time in London, my 3 favourite things there are the British Museum, visiting Hampton Court & doing the ghost walks with London Walks... okay and the shopping too!
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    I like to get ideas from Rick Steves. He focuses on the non-touristy destinations in Europe. I love his travel books or you can check out his website too. We're going to Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy) for our honeymoom and will be getting ideas from him. Just ordered my books yesterday!
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    I live in London and have taken the train to Belgium-it was very easy and fast, 2 hours I think. I hate tours as well and I book online.  What type of things are you intrested in seeing?  Historical, castles, night life?  Page me on Philadelphia if you have questions, I have suggestions and money saving sites, once I know what you are interested in doing:-)
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    My DH and I both went on tours for our first trips to Europe, but then we went backpacking for a few months which was a much better experience!  You have the right idea :).  There are a few pictures from our trip toward the end of my planning bio if you want to take a look.  We did all the research on our own, and it was pretty easy so we didn't think a TA was necessary.  There's an abundance of guidebooks available with endless amounts of information regarding must-sees, transportation advice, etc.  Rick Steves' books are excellent, and you can watch his videos on Youtube which are also helpful.  We relied heavily on the Let's Go series too.  I'd highly recommend stopping in Bruges, Belgium.  It's such a romantic, quaint little town!
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    I'd highly recommend Salzburg, Austria, its gorgeous.  I also would recommend Krakov, Poland, its very romantic.
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