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How's the food at The Cheesecake Factory?

I haven't been to one in YEARS.  How is the food?  Is it suitable for hearty meat-eaters?
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Re: How's the food at The Cheesecake Factory?

  • The only bad thing about the Cheesecake Factory is that there are too many choices on the menu. It's the biggest I've ever seen.  You kind of have to go in knowing what you feel like eating.
  • :) Delicious food and DELICIOUS cheesecake :)
    I know they do pizza and burgers and delicious apps but my favorite is their Chicken and dumplings and chicken madirea(?)
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  • So yummy!  I don't remember a ton of meat-dishes, but I know they have some.  They have a grilled chicken and avocado sandwich that is so good!  And their portion sizes are huge!!
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  • OMG DELICIOUS!!!!! They have everything! You need to go right now! GO! you have been missing out!

    Oh and make sure you order a Red Raspberry Martini :)
  • My Favs:

    Chicken Madeira
    Miso Salmon
    Kobe Beef Burger
    Fish Tacos
    Shepards Pie
    And Avacado Eggrolls as an app

  • ahh so delicious, but oh so fattening.


  • I agree with the others- it's delicious, they have a huge menu, and the portions are really big! Their drinks are really good too. They have a frozen Bellini - it's like a peach icee with champagne. Love those.
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  • Please oh please try the fried macaroni and cheese!  It is out of this world!  FI and I saw it featured on the food network and then had to try it....soooo good!

    Obviously the cheesecake is amazing too.  There is a banana cream and apple cinnamon one that we love a lot!
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  • i love the chinese chicken salad or whatever it's called...it's the one that comes with like, 5 feet of rice noodles on top!
  • I am not a fan anymore, they used to have grill skirt steak and I love it but they no longer have it :-( they took it off the menu! I can't find nothing else I like worth paying Cheesecake price, their 4 cheese pasta is good though.

    So with that said I only go now to get cheesecake to go! I love their Cheesecake! YUM
  • Cheesecake: to die for.

    Rest of food - wow the menu is so huge, I never know what to order.  usually pretty good salads.

    Atmosphere:  Worst of all chain restaurants ever.  The table next to you can hear you conversation.  Its always crowded and noisy.
  • the food is fantastic... to perfection... but the price is hard to swallow.  portion sizes are large, so if you don't mind having another 1 to 2 meals of leftovers, it is probably worth the price. 
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  • The food is amazing the only thing that drives me crazy about that place is the wait....  u can never go there and be seated right away there is always a wait....
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    I recommend the Cobb Salad (lunch portion is huge), Spinach Artichoke Dip, Shepards Pie and my favorite dessert there the Strawberry Shortcake.

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  • We don't go there for food. We go there for cheesecake.

    But I second what PP said about portions. FI and I shared one of the 3-4 chocolate cake options that they have... and we still took half of it home. It was massive.
  • Just went there a week ago for like the 2nd time ever, and it was so freaking good! The leftovers were really good, too, if that's a concern : )

    I whole-heartedly agree with the four cheese pasta (fiance got that) and I tried some special that was called Chicken Bellagio, I think? It was two thin pieces of breaded chicken on top of a plateful of spaghetti noodles in a basil parmesan sauce, and the whole thing topped with a big piece of prosciutto and then arugula salad. DELICIOUS!!!
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  • I just remember portions being huuuge, even for me, someone who eats 4 plates at buffets. :p

    You should try the cheesecake and let us know!  You have refined cheesecake tastes!
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