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The Royal - Playa del Carmen

I have been eye-ing up the The Royal Playa del Carmen on Bookit and Trip Advisor and am very please with what I see. Our honeymoon will be September 5 or 6th - 12/13/14th some combination of that :)Are we crazy for going to this area at this time? I'm to the point where I say screw worrying about hurricanes and just get travel insurance!Also, would it be worth while going through a TA to book, or do you think I could book on my own through Bookit? Never traveled out the country or through a TA, so I'm not sure what benefits a TA would provide.

Re: The Royal - Playa del Carmen

  • We got travel insurance so we were not worried about anything, it just was way worth not having to worry. We booked through Nancy from Myislandgetaways.com and it was great that we had someone there for us as a back-up and were well guided. Plus we got a nice upgrade and a few other perks.
  • We're going there in May/June.  The reviews are AWESOME, so I hope it's as great as they say it is! :)
  • That is actually a consideration for our honeymoon as well (the resort) and it would actually be the same week and dates as you! Our first pick is going to be Dreams Riviera Cancun and we are going to a TA tomorrow to get some details. I too am considering booking it online but I don't know if I should be worried about doing that...
  • Trust me I was so thankful I booked through our TA. We got first class service and it was the same price as booking on line and got some extra perks, I would never book any other way.
  • I actually just came across this resort today and I am pretty sure we will end up going there for our honeymoon (June 2010). It looks beautiful, price is good and the reviews are great! Right now I am in talks with a TA but not sure what we will do in the end. She quoted some places for me and when I researched them, I found them cheaper. So I told her the price I found for The Royal and am hoping she comes back with a better offer. If not, I may just go through bookit.com
  • We just returned from a vacation to an AI in Cancun (Le Blanc) that we booked through Orbitz, and it couldn't have been easier, given that the package included airfare and airport transfers. We did, however, get travel insurance, and nearly had to use it due to Ida. IMO, travel insurance is worth it because sometimes there are things you just cannot control. As far as a TA, if they can match or beat the prices you find online, then go with them for the peace of mind, but it can be done through other online sources just as easily. As far as The Royal, it's a gorgeous resort and I would highly recommend it. The rooms, the beach, the food, the drink, the proximity to 5th Avenue. Go for it! Just make sure you double and triple check your transport time for getting back to the airport - that was our only issue.
  • First I would book through a TA for they handle everything for you and if god forbid there is an issue regarding a hurricane they will handle it.

    Secondly, we went to the Royal for two weeks for our honeymoon and it was amazing! We all well traveled and have been to Mexico at least 6 times but it was our first time in Playa. This by far was our best stay in Mexico, we loved the town for you weren't confined to the hotel you could walk out onto 5Th avenue and it was completely safe. I would highly, highly, highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.
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