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Gulf side of Florida

Anybody know of any good places to stay for a week? We want the Gulf side and just want ideas on where to stay.  Also looking at cruises but I'm thinking land may be better.

Oh, and I'm thinking about 3-4k.

Re: Gulf side of Florida

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    If your a baseball fan you may want to see who has spring training ... enjoy!
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    The vinoy and the don Caesar are your two nicest hotels in the area... Everything pp's say I agree with.. My mom lives in the area and I go quite often.. Although if you rent a car I would check out caladessi island which is a little north of Clearwater.. It's a beautiful island you can only get too by boat.. Clearwater has a lot of your sunset cruises and parasailing/watersports if that's what your looking for.. You really can't go wrong.. This section of the coast is beautiful!
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    Siesta Key.  Beautiful beach and a fun little "downtown" area with shops and restaurants.  I stayed in a condo there (Our House on the Beach, rented through VRBO) so I can't recommend any hotels, but the condo was preally nice! 
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    I agree with PP.  Siesta Key and Anna Maria Island are both gorgeous.  I've stayed on Anna Maria Island 4x in a condo on the bay that was right across the street from the beach using VRBO.  Our condo was nice, it was actually a house (we had our own pool, 3 kayaks to use right on the bay, boat dock, and was a two house walk from the white sand beach across the street).  I can't recommend any hotels though, I've only stayed in condos.

    If I remember correctly from some of the articles I've read, I think Siesta Key is consistently named one of the best beaches in the country. 
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    Sarasota is beautiful and has a lot to offer, but if you can go to the panhandle, there are beautiful, quiet spots near Port St. Joe and Appalachicola. There are a lot of holiday rental homes in that area - million dollar beach homes with all the amenities for a very reasonable price.
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    I know everyone loves the Gulf, but I just want to say the Atlantic side is pretty awesome too. I especially like Amelia Island and St. Augustine.

    This is a touchy subject for me because I grew up going to the Atlantic Coast (from Orlando) and FI is from Pensacola and thinks its Gulf or nothing. That said, the Panhandle is nice too. I've only really spent time in Pensacola, but it's a nice beach town.
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    DITTO Tampa and DEFINITELY go to Berns...best restaurant experience I have ever had....omg soooooo good. Make sure you go to the desert room as well!.
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    I'm going to try out VRBO with Siesta Key...Thanks!!
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