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July 2011 Weddings

December To-Do List?

Hi Ladies!

What do we all have on our must do list for December?? WR, NWR, Christmas-related, anything!!!

Fun trips? Projects? Meetings? 
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Re: December To-Do List?

  • NWR: Unfortunately like ALL my X-Mas shopping has to get done still :( Plus finish grading papers, writing finals, and doing my own finals for Grad school.
    WR: Lots of stuff to do while in town for the holidays:
    -meet with and book photographer
    -meet with and book florist
    -call hotel to block rooms
    -figure out transportation
    -look at BM dresses with MOH and order
    -look at invitations
    -pick out tuxes


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  • As of right now, I have only a few items to pick up to go under the tree.  Then, it is pretty much sit back and enjoy the festivities!!
  • WR:
    1. Make photo guestbook
    2. Set up first alterations appointment
    3. Buy stamps, send STDs
    4. probably other stuff I've forgotten

    NWR stuff:
    1. Buy FI's gift (whatever it is)
    2. Get gifts for his parents

    Then we've got one trip to visit his dad and stepmom on the farm in Tennessee, which should be fun since we'll get to see his sister and bro-in-law who's flying in from Boston. On the 1st, we're going to a wedding of some friends from HS.
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  • NWR: Finals, finish up Christmas shopping, wrap presents, get back home, birthday, and that's about it!

    WR: Printing up invitations and getting them stuffed before I come back to school so my mom can send them out in March, book flights and stuff for honeymoon, register at 3 stores, start planning the ceremony, get hotel blocks all set, get wedding rings, and I think that's all. :)
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  • WR:
    -choose invitations
    -finish choosing ceremony music
    -take one of my bridesmaids dress shopping (and then they will all be done!)
    -send payments for reception hall and photographer

    -finish Christmas shopping!!!
    -three performances in the next eight days
    -memorize a role for a show I'm doing in mid-January
    -learn some new music
    -schedule auditions

    Plans: lots of rehearsals and concerts this next week, then home all week before Christmas, then FI and I are going on a much-needed vacation for a few days :)
  • I mostly want to just worry about Christmas and finish getting everyones gifts. But that being said there are quite a few deposits we still need to send in. 
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  • I finished my christmas shopping today (yay!) but besides traveling home to Ohio/Indiana for the holidays, our WR list is:

    -Make florist deposit
    -try on and pick out tuxes
    -check up with the priest to see if we need to be doing anything
    -try out hair salon I want for the wedding
    -put together some mock decor for the reception with the stuff that is at my parents house
    -Book honeymoon hotel (doing this tomorrow!)

    Its not really a lot and will be done when we're home for the holidays, so we're mostly relaxing!

  • WR:
    - Set up another meeting with our officiant
    - Email back our new (and free) DOC to set up an appointment

    - Continue apologizing profusely to FI for accidentally shredding three of his credit cards and his car payment papers (long story, but I swear it was 100% an accident that I'll never live down for the rest of my life)
    - Start working out now that the new gym has finally opened up
    - Get through two finals and two papers for grad school

    Christmas Related:
    - Buy last-minute gifts for all the people who are suddenly coming out of the woodworks and saying they bought a gift for FI and me
    - Make Christmas-themed cakeballs and pizzelles for various Christmas Eve and Christmas Day parties/meals
    - Finish decorating the tree
    - Keep fingers crossed that FI's aunts aren't pissed at me for asking their kids what they want for Christmas instead of waiting for the aunts to tell me what I should get the kids (how lame is that?!)
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  • mine is mostly WR...

    - book caterer
    - finish sending STDs
    - find a florist
    - get off my butt and work out so my dress still fits in July!
  • So much WR stuff to do this month while I'm home for Christmas!

    I have already:
    -made flower decision
    -made must take photo list
    -finalized guest list

    I am currently working on:
    -sending OOT family save the dates
    -planning ceremony music

    Still to do:
    -visit venue and plan out decor
    -print invites and start putting together
    -get addresses for invites
    -decide on ceremony outline and readings
    -start premarital counseling
    -collect reception music and start working on playlist
    -finish aisle runner
    -order earrings
    -finalize things with baker
    -order slip
    -decide on picture taking locations

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