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So as of most of you know, I ran the marathon this year with a charity team. It was an awesome experience. I loved running on Saturday's with other people and having that feeling of being a team. This charity team basically trains for events year round. They will start training for the Maine Marathon and the Nike Women's Marathon in San Fran. They have asked if I would be interested in mentoring. Basically, they assign a mentor for every 4-5 people so that they have a go to person with questions about fundraising, training, etc. And it allows for some smaller friendships as well and people get to know a few people better in the group. 

I am really honored that they asked me but I don't know what to do. I wouldn't be training like I did for the marathon and I wouldn't have to fundraise.  I would basically have to be at 75% of the Saturday practices and I can pick the distance I want to run. But still, it starts mid-may and goes through September. That is a big time committment. The plus side is that it is near my house so I don't have to travel far. I am just so torn on what to do. It would be a really fun experience and give back since my experience was great. But we are buying the house and moving at the end of July and I am wondering if this will be added stress. I would be getting up and running anyway, so I am not sure how much of a burden it would be.

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Re: Advice

  • Can you talk to someone who has been a mentor to find out exactly what kind of time committment it is?  That's what I would do so I knew first hand.  It is a big committment it sounds like, but if you were going to run anyway, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. 
  • hmmmmmmmmmmm tough one.

    Let's see would you be able to be like a "part time" mentor or maybe partner up with a another mentor instead of you being the only one.
    I say this because it seems like you enjoy it however with the new house and summer around the corner too is all a very busy. So I think you should be honest and tell them although you would love to do it you just can't commit 100% but would love to help some how some way..

    Good luck
  • So to answer Sue and Bianca's questions--the time committment is really just Saturday morning practices. I would need to be there at 8am and then stay through however long it takes to do the run. No later than 11:00 usually. 

    I can't really split it with someone. It is kind of an all or nothing type committment. 
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  • Ahhh okay, well then I guess it doesn't seem too bad..I think! lol

    I mean if you enjoy it! I say go for it! :)!
  • If you were planning to run anyways, I would just do it. It seems like you would really enjoy it, and its another way to help people out.
  • Do it!  It sounds like a great opportunity and then you have no excuses to skip those runs : )
  • I think it sounds like lots of fun. Who knows, you might even be able to put it on a resume at some point.
  • i would say do it.  when you recently mentioned boot camp and other programs you wanted to do, you mentioned finding time for running....this would force you to make time.
  • I agree with the others  . . do it! However, only you know your schedule and if you are concerned you won't be able to give the 110% to it that you would want to, I'd skip it. I know when I do something like that I want to give it my all and if I can't I really feel like I failed or didn't  do justice to the event/cause.
  • Thanks for the advice ladies! I decided to go for it. I sent my application back. I may have waited too long to make a decision though. We'll see. 
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  • I got really excited when I read "Maine Marathon" and then I realized you won't actually be running it.  It starts/ends down the street from where I live!

    It sounds like a really cool experience.  I wish I had a running mentor that I could run with!
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