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Serenade of the Seas

Our honeymoon (not booked yet) will be in late May.  Our wedding is May 20 - so we are hoping to find a 22nd leaving date - we read a few reviews on cruisecritic.com, but were wondering if anyone has done this particular cruise?  We love that you get to see so many new places, but did it ever become annoying? Where maybe one day you just wanted to relax?  Just wondering? Thanks!

(We're hoping for a 7-day)

Re: Serenade of the Seas

  • Most cruises usually have at least one day at sea (on 7 day cruises) when you can just relax and do nothing.  You can also choose not to get off the ship during port days (sometimes you can get really good deals on spa treatments or other things).
  • Our first (and only so far) cruise was on the Serenade.  Our LEAST favorite day was the at sea day - we had to get way too early to get a chair and the pool was just mobbed.  Cruising was fun, but it was very go-go-go and being on a ship (in my opinion) doesn't feel half as luxurious as being at a resort or hotel of the same calibur.  That being said, if you are sure you want to cruise, we really liked the itinerary!
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  • I am actually going on a cruise on May 22nd, but on the Norwegian Line. It is a 7 Day cruise to Bermuda, with 3 sea days and 3 days docked on the island.
  • update us! did you book that cruise? That's the one we're on!

    i loved the fact that the first day out is the day at sea- we'll be flying direct in on Sunday to Puerto Rico, and I am pumped about booking a couple's massage and just exploring the ship. As for all the islands, we're only booking one excursion ahead of time (all day tour of St. Lucia), and the others, taking it as we go- the beaches on most of those islands are the highlight, so we plan on taking a taxi to the "most beautiful beach" each day.

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