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best tropical honeymoon for foodies on a budget?

My fiance and I are totally overwhelmed by all of the honeymoon options. We both want white sand beaches and clear blue water, but also really love good food and can't spend an arm and a leg. I hear St. Bart's is great for foodies but probably out of our budget. Any suggestions?
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Re: best tropical honeymoon for foodies on a budget?

  • My FI and I are foodies and were SO impressed with the restaurants in Cabo.  Some of the places that were the best to eat at were a little pricey, but there were some tasty finds here and there that didn't break the bank.  You can also do some really cheap meals in between to save up fora few pricier meals scattered throughout.  Everything seemed tasty and fresh. 

    Our hotel was inexpensive and REALLY nice.  The excursions around town are affordable as well.  I would only stay in the resorts near the marina so that you can be on/near the beach that is swimmable and walk to the restaurants near the marina.  There are tons of resorts farther away, but if you are foodies you want the flexibility to get out every night without the expensive taxi fare. 

  • there are some great restaurants in cancun. one italian place in particular is my fave italian place outside of italy-go figure. i'm a foodie, but i'm also not very picky at the same time.


  • The French side of St. Martin, particularly Grand Case. It's known as the gourmet capital of the Caribbean.
  • My FI and I are going to a Dreams Resort in Tulum. Super adventurous place with white sand and turquiose waters. I am also a foodie. They have 7 onsite restaurants - all inclusive with no reservations or 'coupon' systems. You can bounce around to the other resorts to use their restaurants / facilities as well. Their food is MUCH better thn most places and its all you can eat!!! Right now they are running a special of stay 5 nights get 4 nights free - can't beat that! :D
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    [QUOTE]The French side of St. Martin, particularly Grand Case. It's known as the gourmet capital of the Caribbean.
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    <div>Thanks! Any suggestions on where to stay there?</div>
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  • Turks and Caicos if you can swing it. It is probably a little cheaper than St. Bart's but I don't know what your budget is so don't know of it would work. The beaches are gorgeous and the food is really top notch.
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