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Premarital counseling questions

So my fiance and I have a LONG road trip ahead of us for the holidays, and I was thinking as we will be stuck together for hours with nothing to do now would be a perfect time to do some of those 100 questions to talk about before you get married kinds of things. Do any of you have any good questions for me to add to the list or a list of questions you guys have got? 

Re: Premarital counseling questions

  • I wonder if there's a book on that.. lol. seems like there should be. and if there is, I want it! perfect for road trips!

    Do you already live together? if not, division of chores?
  • I love google... Here's some that I found:

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  • We do live together but we fight about the chores all the time, so it probably does need to be more clear cut!
  • Ah I'd have a good list at home from our pre-marital classes.

    One thing we liked doing (although you won't really be able to do it this way since one of you will be driving, but you could maybe make it work) is we each had to write down our top 3 financial goals, one for In The Next 5 Years, and one for In The Next 10 years.  Then compared after what we wrote down.  It was interesting, because we matched in a couple answers, and the ones we didn't match in led to good discussions!
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  • We did that on a really long road trip as well! I bought a book set where you're supposed to each take quizzes separately and then discuss, but I just did mine and then asked FI his since he had to drive. It was really fun and lasted for hours.
    The book covered:
    Chores-- who does what
    Family-- how to deal with each others, how you view family, etc
    Children-- if you want them, how to raise/discipline
    Sex-- what you like, don't like, how you view it, what you expect
    Past Relationships
    Friends-- how you deal with each others, what if you don't like his/hers, etc

    I would go back and find our best conversation-starting questions, but FI has both books at his place and he is at work. 
  • Can you find the title to the books when you get a chance please? those sound great! i love stuff like that!
  • In Response to Re: Premarital counseling questions:
    [QUOTE]Can you find the title to the books when you get a chance please? those sound great! i love stuff like that!
    Posted by Epolos89[/QUOTE]
    I'd like to know also!
  • FI and I went though "Before the Ring" a few years ago. It has the type of questions you are all talking about. It's meant to make sure you are totally compatible and ready for the engagement stage of life but it would obviously still work at this point in time too. It had a few though questions which took us a few discussions to work out. A great point to work from and really gives you lots to think about!
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  • Thanks Ladies! I did some google searching and I got together 100 questions, I will post it on another thread so you can all see. It took me ages to put together! (and I put together the religion section because we have talked about that already anyway). 
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