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so....i'm trying to avoid work and it's super quiet here, so i ventured over to pinterest.

well, that's a bust!  all the schools are closed so only teachers have been pinning - classroom stuff.  no fun!

any other random things today ladies?

Re: pinterest

  • Yeah, pinterest has kind of let me down lately. Im bored of cooking the same thing but cant seem to find new recipes.
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    Not related to Pinterest, but random. :)

    The class schedule for next semester was finally posted today. I'm thinking about taking Italian, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get in. I took the first level at a community college a couple years ago (right after H and I got engaged, so fall 2010), but it's been a while, and I know my university uses a different text than that community college.

    Also, work is driving me crazy today. Only 45 more minutes and then I get to leave for the day to sing and do fun stuff that I actually like, lol.
  • Work is driving me crazy too Kelly. Im missing some of my most basic supplies and Ive been asking for a week now but they still havent ordered. Now Im behind but Im not stressing because its their fault.
  • In Response to Re:pinterest:
    [QUOTE]Work is driving me crazy too Kelly. Im missing some of my most basic supplies and Ive been asking for a week now but they still havent ordered. Now Im behind but Im not stressing because its their fault.
    Posted by July2011nottie[/QUOTE]

    Ugh, that's super annoying. Is that something you can do yourself?
    My annoyance is due to a) my coworker deciding not to do any work and eventually just disappear, and b) the prospective students who keep calling to ask when they are going to find out their admission status. Our department doesn't deal with the admissions process, just current students, so I redirect them to the admissions department, who for some stupid reason sends them back to us. It's getting really irritating.
    23 more minutes now...
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    Ahhh my random thing today might trump the awesome of all my random things ever today, I just had someone call me to tell me he's too drunk to drive in and pay his bill today, if he gives me all the information for his debit card can I ring it through? No? Ok, he'll try to stay sober enough to make it in tomorrow. Yea, that was 12:15 on a Tuesday. I was absolutely bursting waiting for my boss to come back in from lunch so I could tell him. He laughed so hard. Some people...sigh!!
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  • Not really, kelly, but I think they actually went out to get them now. Erin, thats pretty good use of your time., h and I figured out gifts for like 5 people on Sunday in 5 minutes. It was awesome! I havent actually purchased them but knowing what Im getting them is so relaxing! Now I iust need to come up with his gift...
  • Lol Brit! Thats so funny...and sad.
  • Haha Erin..but awesome!! I can't wait to start hard core Christmas shopping. I may have already picked up the odd small thing here and there too
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  • Lol! Yeah, Im sure those were just a bit over 50. Ok so heres my random of the day. My MIL sends us groceries, seriously! Im not sure why, I think its her version if a care package for a married couple. Its really odd and somewhat funny. Well last night H walked in with a huge box that he picked up before going to work. I opened it amd she totally went to a new level by including panty liners in the box. H and I stared for like 10 seconds and then just burst laughing. Who does that?? Thats so weird?? Also, how do hou even discuss that? Hi, thanks but please stop sending me personal hygene products, k?
  • Bahhhaha Anali!
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  • Wow Anali - that is hilarious!!
    Britt - too funny, and yet so sad. 

    I have not started Christmas shopping at all or even thinking about it yet, however one of my fb friends posted yesterday that they had finished shopping and wrapping for everyone.
  • I have a prettygood start on it but not done by any means. Although I have at least an idea of what everyone is getting.
  • At least she didn't include condoms??
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    In Response to Re:pinterest:At least she didn't include condoms?? Posted by Epolos89 H's mom totally used to give him condoms as a stocking stuffer when he was single. It was more of a 'I'm not dumb, so you might as well be safe' kinda thing but still funny to me ETA granted, way less awkward than say, your MIL giving you condoms haha.
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  • In Response to Re:pinterest:[QUOTE]At least she didn't include condoms?? Posted by Epolos89[/QUOTE] lol!!! Very true! I bet those will come on february's box. Valentines day and all.
  • It's hilarious that she included that, but hey! at least you don't have to buy them now!
  • Exctly! I guess theres no better time to confess that I havent bought razors, body wash, or deodorant for myself in about 10 months because just when Im about to run out she sends some. Last nights products are a first thiugh, but Thats not a conversation I want to have so Im just going to say thanks for the box!
  • i have nothing random today

    i'm kind of bored with pinterest since i discovered stumbleupon. much, much, much funner

    i'm just at home on my lunch break, eating my boring lunch
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  • I am cracking up reading this thread! Anali, the panytliners is hysterical!! And Colleen, I agree, Pintrest has been kind of boring lately!
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