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August 2011 Weddings

Is it supposed to be this easy?

I suppose I could first introduce myself, as I'm newer to the board... I got engaged in June and we're getting married Aug. 6th, 2011. FI and I live in the little village of Colfax WI with our black lab and bloodhound mix. We're getting married in the even smaller town of Prairie Farm WI and the reception and dance in the equally small Ridgeland WI.

I guess I'm wondering if I should prepare myself up for disaster... Almost as if this is the calm before the storm. Everything seems to be going SO smoothly and planning has seemed easier than it should be. I hear of so many stressed out brides or brides that need to be busy bees just to stay on top of plans, but I'm definitely not one of them. I have the guestlist ALMOST finalized, all my venues booked, a photographer booked and engagement pictures next week, a DJ booked, and a caterer booked, with deposits on all of them. I also have my dress ordered, bridesmaid dresses picked out, all my centerpiece vases in my possession, and favors on their way. Is it supposed to be this easy? Or am I just terribly lucky?Wink
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Re: Is it supposed to be this easy?

  • hello, and welcome! i am also getting married on aug 6th 2011!!! and so far my planning has been pretty smooth. i think the earlier you get it done there is no reason to stress about it and just take it day by day so we are lucky to have as much time as we do to plan. i'm sure as it gets closer there may be a moment or two of stress but for now it's smooth sailing. enjoy your planning!!!
  • Welcome! I'm also getting married on August 6th, 2011!! but you are WAY ahead of me in the planning so good job! =)
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  • Getting married in Nashotah, about 40 minutes outside of Milwaukee. FI and I live in Los Angeles, which makes meeting with DJs (or anyone else) a little difficult!
  • So far things are easy on my end as well. My MOH just informed me a day ago that a friend of hers JUST got engaged and set the date for December...this year. I told her good luck with that cause she is beyond mad for picking the date to be so soon from now.

    I'm getting married August, 6th as well! =D But, I'm in NC. I haven't gotten nearly as much planned as most of you already have mainly because my parents are footing the bill and I'm being told I'm going to fast, but I do have plenty of sites bookmarked for filling in quantities and ordering. ;) My ceremony and reception will be held at my parent's house, so no venue searching!

    The only thing I have almost done are the invites, which are DIY and I still have plenty of time to finish and send off. Did any of you already send yours or are you waiting till early next year to do so? 

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  • i"m also getting married the 6th of august. I got the venue chosen, my dress and the bridesmaid dress in possesion, center peices also. The only stress i have is wanting to get more stuff paid for but have to wait for money to come in since things come up..So always give yourself room for finanical stuff that might come up other than the wedding stuff.. :)
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