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Disneyland honeymoon!!

So after much humming and hawwing, FI and I have decided that we're doing a Disneyland/San Francisco honeymoon! And he's never been, so it's just that much more exciting (I've been twice when I was younger).

Just wanted to ask, for anyone who's done the Disney honeymoon thing (in CA), is it doable for under $2000? We're looking at a budget of absolute max of $2500... also, we're in Canada (west coast, near Vancouver), so flights factor into that too... FI really wants to stay in one of the hotels onsite, but looking at the prices, I really don't know if that's going to happen with our budget />.<.

Also, anyone know of any perks you can get in Disneyland if you're a honeymooner??

Thanks ladies!
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Re: Disneyland honeymoon!!

  • Have you priced out the flights yet?  If you stay off property, many of the hotels have shuttles to take you to the park.  Do you plan on renting car to drive to San Fran? 

  • If you plan on staying in one of the Disney hotels, $2000 would be your budget just for Disneyland.  Depending on how many days you want to go into the park, for a 2 day park hopper it is about $200 per person.  Food is pretty expensive in the park and in Downtown Disney, so plan between $20-$30 per meal, and that's not from any of the sit-down restaurants.  I love Disneyland, and being from California, we go at least once a year.  When I used to go with my friends we stayed at the Anaheim Plaza Hotel, which isn't really "honeymoon" worthly, but it's walking disntance to the park and is pretty clean.  Depending on the time of year, it's about $59-$79 a night.  I have stayed at the Carousel Inn, which has it's own shuttle, even though the park is walking distance, and  has a pretty big breakfast for $139 a night.  The last few times we have stayed at the Anaheim Hilton, which has a view of CA Disney, but is not really walking distance.  It's a nicer hotel with Starbucks, Baja Fresh, and some other eateries in the lobby.  They have a shuttle, but it is a city shuttle that stops off at different hotels.  That one is $4.00 a day per person or $12.00 for a three day pass.  The hotel is usually around $109-$129 a night.  The only thing Disneyland does for honeymooners is provide a pin that says "Just Married".  The hotels might be different, but there are so many people celebrating different occasions in the park that they cannot really provide special treatment.    

    As for San Francisco, one hotel that we always stay in is The Handlery.  It's right next to Union Square, a block from Market Street, and walking distance to China Town and Little Italy.  That one is usually between $129-$169 a night.  
  • We're planning on flying to LA from Bellingham, Washington or Seattle, as it's considerably cheaper (even after you factor in bus/car across the border) than flying out of Vancouver. From LA we were planning on flying to SanFran. We figured it would be more cost effective than driving (and probably safer haha).
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  • You could also keep heading south and drive to San Diego, which is such a beautiful city.  They have an amazing zoo and safari park plus other fun things like the USS Midway, Seaworld, Coronado Island, etc. 
  • I kind of agree with spikeinc, I'd probably choose Disneyland and maybe something else.

    We spent 2 weeks in CA driving down the coastal hwy last September. We flew into San Francisco, then rented a convertible and drove down to Coronado Bay (near San Diego) and flew home from there. 

    I'd highly recommend looking into flights into LA, then from LA to San Diego, then staying in Coronado Bay for a few days, then fly home from San Diego. It was our experience (and my personal experience from flying a lot for work) that 3 city flight trips are really not that much more than round trip, but it may depend on the cities.

     Based on your signature ticker, it appears you are getting married next June. If you wanted to fly into LA, I can't make recommendations as detailed as those above. We stayed at Casa Malibu Inn in Malibu, right on the water, but it wasn't inexpensive. If you choose to stay near Disneyland, you could also go to Universal Studios, which based on my experiences may be more fun for adults.

    The drive from LA to Coronado Bay was about 2 hrs. That may be cheaper for you than a flight, if you rented a car. Coronado Bay is lovely, we stayed at the Loew's Coronado Bay, but there are other nice hotels too. Strand Beach in Coronado Bay was voted I think the #2 beach in the US, it's really lovely.

    Good luck and enjoy your honeymoon.
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