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August 2011 Weddings

Getting Dress Designed?

Hey Ladies! I am having a dilemna..

My mom met a woman a couple weeks ago that makes wedding dresses and now is obsessed with the idea of me getting my wedding dress designed and made by her. She thinks that it would be so uniqe and cool and blah blah blah. We are meeting with her next Saturday when I'l lbe home for Labor Day.

I just don't know. I don't know if I like the idea of not being able to try a dress on first. I do know someone that was GOING to have her dress designed by he until her fiance ( a very close family friendof mine) died in Iraq. Obviously, I don't want to ask her about it because its a touchy subject. I just feel really uncomfortable with having her design and make a dress without me being able to try it on.

I am also uncomfortable with Stacy knowing that I had her design MY dress when her dress was supposed to be designed by this woman and it never happened. ( The dress with halfway designed wihen this tradegy happenned)

What do you guys think? Sorry this was so long and all over the place.
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Re: Getting Dress Designed?

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    I would definitely suggest going dress shopping before starting to design a dress so you know what flatters your body and have an idea of the details you are interested in having.  I feel that if you know what looks the best you wont be as worried about not being able to try the dress on until it is done being made.

    As for your friend, I completely understand that it is a sensitive subject (I am an Army wife) but if you are really concerned with her getting uspet over it you just need to talk to her. 
  • I agree with the above post 100%. Try dresses on so you know what you want.

    I'm a seamstress, have been sewing for over 30 years. I've designed stuff, and in fact am doing my own ceremony dress (see info in bio link below). However, it's a very personal thing for me. I don't think I could see another bride's "vision" clearly enough to satisfy her. For the most part, wedding dresses are made VERY well, and require a lot of work. That's why alterations tend to cost so much. I have no problem doing this for myself, but in the end, it will take up about 50-100 hours of my time due to the details. I have a hard time thinking a personalized, custom made dress won't end up costing you more in the long run.

    I guess my advice would be to try on dresses, get a feel for what you like as far as fit, style, amount of details. Have your picture taken in the dress you like. In order to do this properly, you'd have to be at the seamstress's side through the choice of pattern(s) needed to fulfill your vision, the choice of fabrics, and for occasional fittings. Kind of hard to do long distance.

    Good luck.
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