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Thankful for my MOH

As many of you might understand, talking two people about ideas for a wedding that is almost two years out can be a bit of a downer sometimes. I am forever hearing "there is still plenty of time, I wouldn't worry about it now" just before having the subject changed. I understand it is a while away, but I am excited! Naturally, I have stopped talking to most people about any ideas with the exception of FI and MOH. I have to say, I have a great MOH. I thought it might be hard planning both of our weddings together. She is marrying my brother in October of 2010. I am her MOH and she is mine. We both have such opposite tastes that we're certainly not worried about having all (or any for that matter) of the same stuff. Still, I thought it might be a little too much for us. I thought that maybe we would be so hard concentrating on our own weddings that we wouldn't be able to really be there for each other. What I am finding instead is that we are having a much easier time relating to each other and being supportive for each other. One of my other bridesmaids is single and is not interested in wedding talk (I can understand so I have since backed off, I'll wait until it is really necessary). It is just nice to have someone there who really knows what you are going through during the process and is experiencing it right along with you. I am so glad that she is marrying my brother! :)

Re: Thankful for my MOH

  • That should be talking *to* in the first sentence, lol!
  • Thats great that you have someone who knows what your going through! As much as fellow knotties help it is alot easier having someone right there next to you helping you out! Also Ithink thats too cool that she is getting married right after you! Both of you have fun and enjoy theplanning process!!!!
  • She'll actually be getting married about a year before me, so we will be able to concentrate on her stuff for a while, and then move on to mine after her big day, which lessens the stress a bit! :) It really does make a difference to have someone I can relate to in person and go "shopping" with!
  • Well, you have something very special going there! :) You know I hate that crap about people telling you "you have lots of time" etc., its like ahhhhhhhh. So that is why I only talk to my immediate family about my wedding! trust me I am glad that we are planning this far out because in the months leading up to the big day...I dont want to be going crazy because "I didnt have time to do this or spend alot of time looking at that" We can just be relaxed!!! :) And yes MOH rock! mine is my sister, so she is really involved etc.,! :)
  • That's great that your sister is your MOH. I don't have any sisters (well, step, but much younger and I never see them), but will have 2 SILs once my brother and myself are each married!
  • Totally agree! I HATE when people give you that pity smile and go ohhhh well youve got lots of time to plan.... This is the time to enjoy oursleves, I am in NO rush to get married :) i love my man.. and we will be married in no time!!!! we are all so excited here on the knot, and we can plan what we want when we want!!!! love ya ladies Becca
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  • From the MOH:Well I should post something just as lovely about you :) Even since your proposal, you've managed to be just as excited for me :) I love that after you tell me something you're so excited about, you go right into a "So anything new for you?" or a "How did that thing go?" I thought that it would be a situation of "you do your thing and I'll do mine" but it's been so awesome so far!! I just hope we don't get burnt out ;)I'm very lucky to have a super awesome MOH! (BTW, I'm glad I saw this hee hee!!)
  • Hahaha! I forgot you could see what I post without having to go on the same board as me! ;)I think it has made it EASIER for me to be your MOH because now I know EXACTLY what you are talking about when you have a problem, or are excited about something that would seem really little to someone else. Yay for us!
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