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August 2011 Weddings

Lots of Tattoos...Thoughts? & Vent (Kinda Long)

Okay so I am pretty much covered in tattoos. Arms, chest, neck, and believe me, I love them all. The other day I had my dress fitting which was awesome! Didnt have to do anything but sew in cups which only cost $30. I stepped outside for a moment to take my little girl to the restroom, in such a wonderful mood, and when I came back in, this terrible group of women was talking about how trashy I was going to look on my wedding day with all my tattoos (they had seen me in the dress). As soon as they saw me and knew I had heard what they said, they shut up and turned away, but it pretty much ruined the rest of my time at the dress shop. My Fiance loves my tattoos, and so do I and I have never felt ashamed of them. My dress (I will post some pics) is very princess like, pure white with a very full ball gown skirt and a beaded corset top, (strapless) my DREAM dress and my veil (fingertip length) and headpiece are also beautiful. But now I guess I'm feeling like I'm going to look horrible...like I don't deserve to wear the princess dress I love because I have so many tattoos. Well, covering them up is not an option, plus they all have significant meaning to me. I was so happy when I found my dress and it fits perfectly and is exactly what I wanted, but I guess I'm just feeling a bit down about it now, like maybe I'm second guessing myself. My Fiance says I'll look fantastic, but those women really got to me. To make my self feel a little better, since my colors are white, black, silver and burgundy, and my dress is elegant but not overly beaded or jeweled, today I got these awesome 4 inch burgundy heels to wear to kinda match my colorful personality-my body is also very colorful with all the art so I thought my shoes could bring that out. And I'm absolutely not wearing a dress with sleeves or a shrug for my summer wedding!...I hope I'm not rambling, it's just that we have everything done for the wedding and only 40 people will be there but this one detail is practically giving me nightmares! I'm already a wreck about meeting his family for the first time only a day before our wedding-we live in Oregon, they are in California-My fiance's family is a bit well-to-do and Catholic (I'm Christian), and we are bi-racial (he's white, I'm black), He is from upper class, me not so much...his mother is paying for our whole wedding and has spoken to me and seen pictures of me and has been very kind and supportive because her son loves me and I love him, but I am so worried what she will think of me on our wedding day, like maybe she will disapprove after all. Also, the fact that my mother is passed-away and won't be there with me has me overly worried about his mother's opinion. Anybody help? Again forgive me for the long rambling post Its 4am and I cannot sleep because I am just such a wreck over this. Am I wrong to want to be a princess on this one special day of my life because I have so much body art? It feels like I'm not allowed. Undecided
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