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Another new bride!

Hello all!

I'm so excited to see that there is an August 2011 club board! I've been reading through the old posts and its so nice that there are a group of people that I can relate so much to already!  We've been engaged since 10-24-09 and our date is set for 8-5-11. Everyone has been giving me that confused look once they hear its August 2011 and not 2010, but I am so excited to start planning! I'm an elementary school teacher so August is the perfect month for us.

Anyways, I am just excited to finally be posting on here and it is lovely to meet all of you :) It certainly seems like a lovely group of people.

...I was also just wondering if anyone has asked their bridesmaids or MOH yet to be a part of the wedding party?

Re: Another new bride!

  • Welcome to the board! Congratulations on your engagement! My name is Tina and my date is 08/20/2011! To answer your question yes I have asked my bridesmaids to take part in my special day. But all of them live in different states so I was just giving them a heads up.
  • Congrats and welcome to the board. I have also already asked my bridesmaids, mostly just because I knew who I definitely wanted, but my FI hasn't asked his groomsmen yet. My date is the day after, 8/6/11.

  • :) Congrats! and welcome to the board! Hope you find all the advice you need and more on this board! we are soooooo happy to have you here! Smile
  • Congrats and welcome :)

    I have already asked my bridesmaids and MOH, but DF has not figured out who his groomsmen will be yet.

    I hear you on the confusion when you tell people 2011, not 2010. I get it all the time and then have to get into the story.... lol. I'm considering printing it out!
  • Congrats!!!!!
    Welcome! So excited to hear about all these plans unfold! 
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