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August 2011 Weddings

What do you ladies think??

Here is everything I have done:

-Reception venue...booked
-Dress...found (purchasing soon)
-Photographer (consultation with what we are hoping is "the one" haha

What do you think I should work on next?? We still have to find a florist and a band and so many other things I'm just not sure what would be the smartest thing to work on!
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Re: What do you ladies think??

  • It really varies based on what is most important to you. For instance, if the entertainment is really important I would suggest looking for your band/DJ next as all the greats tend to book quickly. Good luck!
  • I would work on the florist if you are getting married during one of the "traditional wedding months" or "prom season." ! It may be time-consuming to find a florist that does beautiful arrangements that you love. 
  • i hav everything booked but the DJ! and we know the dj we just havent talked to him yet, so im hoping the otehr half can do that tonight
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    You're a fine right now. We have the same date and the next things on the list are the Florist, DJ, Videographer if you will have one and a Caterer. The timeline to book those were from November -Feb and then following that Bridal Party attire, etc. I have my ceremony/reception venue booked. We have decided on a photographer and will be booking within the next week to two weeks. Right now I've been looking at caterers to get an idea of what's out there and to compare prices and services and deciding on the decor for the reception get an idea of what I want so all I have to do is meet with vendors tell them my vision and then see how they can bring it to reality.
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  • I have the same date as you. i didn`t get my dress yet, but I did book the DJ. One more thing that we booked was the hotel. We did it that early just because every year in August we have a huge Musikfest going on and all the hotels book fast. We wanted to make sure we have something reserve, especially that we want to continue the party after the wedding is over.

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  • Thanks everyone! I think we're going to focus on finding the band right now...especially since we have NO idea of who we are getting. I got kind of distracted by the excitement of finding my dress that I haven't thought about anything else for the last week!
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  • Hey! We had a sit down meeting with a coordinator.. just so she could give us advice.. i am one of those girls who think they can do everything themselves but just get stressed. 
    She said as long as you have your services picked and have a contract within about a year of your wedding.. that you will be fine. We have a new tax coming to ontario.. it BLOWS. you guys are so lucky when it comes to taxes. We have a 13% GST tax.. and now a new 8% HST tax.. that will affect all services. SO that means our dj.. florist.. limo.. caterer.. hall rental fee.. officiant.. yup you guessed it! It went up 8%. SO stupid. But.. luckily we have most of it booked. 
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