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Another new August 2011 bride

Hi all. I'll tell you a bit about me......I'm an "older" first time bride. I'm probably old enough to be "mom" to most of you. But I don't care, because like many females, I've looked forward to my wedding day forever!

I live outside Detroit, and we are getting married 8/27/11, the day before the 4th anniversary of our first date. We met on eharmony..... it really works!

Our ceremony and reception will be at a small historic site, with historic buildings, called Greenmead. It's in Livonia MI, where my fiance lives. They have a small chapel (think Little House on the Prairie), and walking distance to an historic house for the reception. We will also have a tent outside. Food in the house, dancing and fun outside. The chapel and house are air-conditioned, a good thing for the end of August.
I'm a DIY bride, and sew like Lipshtix. I have had patterns and fabric for a while. I also have a dress I bought at a great sample sale locally, which is less formal, for the reception.

I'll be getting my flowers from Costco. Go to their website (, and click on floral at the top. Seriously, if you've never gone to their website, they have TONS of flowers, in bulk (100 white roses in bulk for $75), as well as wedding flower packages. Since my colors will be black, white/cream and silver, I can get any of the wedding and bulk flowers in white roses, white cala lillies or white hydrangeas. They also have colors, as well as fillers like baby's breath and greens. I'd recommend looking there before buying from a florist. There aren't product reviews for all the wedding packages, but they do have 5 very positive ones for the roses. If you go to the wedding packages, they have a video on how they are delivered, and how to care for them before the wedding. If you, or the wedding planner or caterer you hire is at all involved in the wedding prep, you can buy in bulk, and have them put the centerpieces together. The wedding packages are extremely reasonable based on what I've seen for florists.

I've lived on my own for over 30 years. I'm a DIY kind of person. If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them. But I'm really here to share in the excitement of planning of a wedding like the rest of you. And to get some ideas as well.

Congrats to you all for finding Mr Right! Good luck with your planning.

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