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staying in a B&B/Hilo, Hawaii

After what felt like months of open discussion my fiance and I have finally decided on a honeymoon location, we're going to Hawaii yay! We have been to Kauai together before, but it was on a family Christmas trip so we have decided to check it out again just the two of us. One of the things we felt we missed out on in Kauai is seeing the volcanoes though so we thought we would make a stop on the big island and go to the Volcanoes National Park. I have been looking around and thought the best place to stay is in Hilo, but because it is the rainier side of the island there doesn't seem to be as many hotel options, but there are a lot of B&B's. I have only stayed in one once when I was younger with my family so I am just wondering what people think about staying in one for a HM. Is there enough privacy or is it literally like stayin with a bunch of strangers in a house. Also if any has any hotel rec's in Hilo that would be awesome too. Thanks for the time and help ladies!

Re: staying in a B&B/Hilo, Hawaii

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    I hated B&Bs when I was younger, but I love them now!

    Each B&B is different - I like the ones that have rooms in seperate cottages (have you checked out the B&Bs in Volcano? Both Kilauea Lodge and the Inn at Volcano look amazing and many HI knotties have loved the former!), with a common dining room.
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    A couple years ago I stayed at Hale Ohia, a B&B in Volcano. They have a few suites in the main house and several secluded cottages on the grounds. I stayed in one of the larger cottages with my mother and sister, but I remember thinking the smaller cottages would be really great for a honeymoon. The owners are really helpful, breakfast fresh and brought to your cottage, grounds scenic, furnishings clean and comfortable, location convenient to the park... I highly recommend it!
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    We are staying at the Volcano Village Lodge (in Volcano) for two nights in January for our honeymoon.  It looks super cute online and really private and secluded.
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