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August 2011 Weddings

technical help

i am trying to put a pic in my signature(?) (above the wedding ticker) and i read the how to's but i cant seem to make it work..  any suggestions?

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Re: technical help

  • I suck at it...no help here sorry!
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  • Step 1: upload your photo to some image hosting service. I think you could even use the photo gallery on your knot profile, but I went with an external image host: www.photobucket.com.

    Step 2: After uploading your photo, when you click on it, you should see a text box beneath it with an html code in it. Copy the html code.

    Step 3: Go to your knot profile, and toward the top you see a tab for "Edit my avatar and sig." Click that. 

    Step 4: Paste your html code for your image into the text box that says "My Forums Signature." Based on how big the image was when you uploaded it, you might have to resize it. For example, mine was gigantic, so I added "width="315" height="215" to my code to resize it. My code looks like this:

    You'll have to play around with the sizing - after pasting the code go to a forum post of yours and see how you need to resize it, then play with the width and height numbers until you get it right.

    Does that help? I know it's kinda tricky to explain. 
  • I wish I could figure out how to get my counter down below, too. I can get it on my "profile" page but not in my messages.
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