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August 2011 Weddings


So, my dress is in?!?! I went to two places, just for fun. I fell in love, ordered the next day. The consultant assured me I wasn't crazy ordering so far out because it could take so long for it to come in. BUT it's here already! Like three weeks later!!! Anybody else have a dress? I want to go see it, obviously, but I can't get fitted yet - so much can happen in a year. Any advice??
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Re: MY DRESS IS IN!!!!!!

  • WOW! Congrats! I ordered mine a couple weeks ago. It's going to take 7 months to get in! :(  Sometimes, you never know. Better early than too late!

    Why can't you go see it? You can at least try it on and such. :)
  • You should go see it and make sure it is the right one and the right size etc. Even though you don't do the fittings until much later, I would definitely recommend going to check it out when they say it is in, and visiting often. :)
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  • The same exact thing happened to me. Mine is in but I don't want to get fitted until I absolutely have to!
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  • Wow that's fast! I ordered mine in May or June and they said not to expect it until December. I would def go see it just to make sure it is the correct dress and all that!
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  • I am so nervous/excited! Thanks, girls! And, Jess - glad I'm not the only one. Did you go check yours out yet?? (Looks like we have the same wedding date too!)
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  • Congrats on finding the dress!  I agree with Shtallion tht you should go check the dress out and at least try it on even if you aren't getting fitted yet just to make sure everthing is right.

    I think I was the earliest dress buyer on this board, I got my dress last October.  I didn't have to wait for it to come in because I bought the sample that had never been tried on and got it for almost $800 off the price if I had ordered it.  Whenever I go home (which is not often, I live in TX home is CT) I go visit my dress.  It's great too beause the shop lets me keep things with my dress like my shoes and the sash I ordered seperately which gives me piece of mind because if I had them here or at my house back home they would probably get lost.
  • Oh that is great!!! Yeah I don't want to take it home until like, the day before!! Too risky that my fiance will see it or that like, our son will puke on it!! Haha. And October! Wow!!! Were you nervous that you'd hate it or were you just that sure?? I think I am THAT sure, and it feels great.
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  • Wow that's fast! Mine should be in around the beginning of the year. If I've found my shoes by then, maybe I'll get the length hemmed.....but the waist and all the other parts I want to wait on b/c there will still be like 7 mos. til the wedding. And I know I'm not going to be in perfect shape at that time haha

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  • I would definitely go check the dress out to make sure everything is okay with it. I ordered mine in July and it came in two weeks later and was a defective dress so it had to be returned. The original ship date from the manufacturer was November, so I was skeptical when it came in so early. I am glad I went in right away so it could be sent back in plenty of time.
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