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Has anyone ever been to Norway? My FI has it in his head that he'd like to live there one day (he's never been, but hears it's nice! ok, whatever you say, dear.) Anyway, I'm totally okay with moving but would preferably like to visit first (this is a totally unusual and novel idea to FI), so we're thinking about honeymooning there.

It's not exactly the kind of place you often hear people talk about around here - I've never met anyone who's been there. Have you been there? What did you like or not like about it?
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Re: Norway?

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    My DH and I went there a few years ago.  I included a few (not so good) pictures toward the end of my planning bio.  We absolutely loved it because it's such a beautiful country.  The only downside was the price.  It's typically considered the most expensive country in Europe to visit so you have to be prepared for the sticker shock.  One day we were in a hurry so we grabbed two burgers and drinks from the McDonalds which cost over $20.  We started out in the town of Bergen and spent a few days there.  Took the cable car up the mountain to see the awesome views.  Then we did the Norway in a Nutshell tour from there to Oslo, and the scenery along the way was stunning!!!  It's a series of train, bus, and ferries that takes you across the country.  We saw snow covered mountains, waterfalls, took a boat ride through the fjords, etc.  It was amazing.  Even though it was September, it was already freezing but we still had a wonderful time.  I'd highly recommend it!

    In Oslo we visited the Viking Museum, the open air folk museum, and did a few other things.  If you post this on the Nest travel board, you'll get more advice.  One of the ladies over there actually lives in Norway.  
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    my parents went years ago (tracking down our family heritage; my great great great grandfather has a statue of himself there, i'm still not sure why..). they loved it. said it was a beautiful country with such kind people. they didn't say anything about the cost, but it was a trip that they had planned for some time so it's possible they were prepared for it. they've always talked about returning someday.
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    I was there about 10 years ago so my info might not be the best :)  I took a cruise and went up the fjords.  If you go far enough north in the summer you can catch the midnight sun (which was amazing).  Geiranger was my favorite small town and definately one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!  The only drawbacks I remember were the cost and the climate. I was there in July and it was light jacket weather just about every day. Also, if you live on the northern end, the midnight sun means that in the winter it is 24 hours of darkness.  I'm pretty sure that is just at the furthest point though.  Good luck on your search for info!

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    I lived there for 1 year and is a wonderful country, I am actually trying to see how me and my fiance can move over there. The people are very kind, the scenary is incredible, the services wonderful. Living there is like a dream. Life is expensive though, you gotta have a good job
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