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Introduction, Invitation and Wedding Party Questions

Hi everyone! My name is Emma and my FI's name is Joel. We just got engaged last Friday and currently live in Austin, TX, but we're both from Michigan and are getting married there August 6th. 

We tried to move fast and already have our ceremony and reception venues set. We have a florist (a high school friend of my mother's), but the next chunk of work will probably be done in December when we both go home for the holidays.

I have a couple of questions regarding invitations and guest count. Do you send invitations to your parents? Wedding party? Is that how you get an accurate count?

Do you let your wedding party have plus ones? And if so, where would the plus ones sit? I guess it would be up to the plus one whether or not they'd want to go to a wedding where they might not know a lot of people?

Is there a percentage for how many people usually decline to come to a wedding? 

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Re: Introduction, Invitation and Wedding Party Questions

  • We're sending invites to everyone, even those people who are for sure coming (parents, siblings, wedding party). One of my coworkers said that she didn't, and I thought that was sort of odd. But I know that my parents would definitely want one as a keepsake.

    Our WP can bring a guest if they'd like. Obviously if they're married or dating someone their SO's are invited. If they have a date they want to bring we're going to allow it.

    FI's brother and his wife our in our WP, his other brother is as well, and his wife will be sitting w/his mom. My sis is in the WP, so her bf will be sitting w/my parents since he won't know anyone else. Another guy in the WP is married, so his wife will be sitting w/friends that she knows.

    If the plus one doesn't really know anyone, maybe sit them with people of the same age.

    You also don't have to do a head table...some weddings have a couple of tables that have the WP and their SO's/dates.

    Usually people say expect 20% to not show to the wedding, but don't count on it. Invite only as many people as you can afford to pay for. And if your venue can only hold 200, don't invite 250. You may just have 100% attendance.

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  • Yeah, we're actually under right now (eep!) so I was more concerned about not getting the 100 we have to pay for in our caterer/reception hall contract. We're at exactly 100, but had not accounted for wedding party, parents, and SO's, so we should be fine. Phew. Thanks! :)

    Where do most knotties get their invitations? From the wedding paper divas? They sure have some pretty designs. Or do most go local?

    (Can you tell invitations are on my mind right now? :) I want to send out save-the-dates eventually and want to finalize everything so I don't have to freak out last minute.)
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  • Our reception venue has a little shop attached that has all sorts of wedding stuff, invluding invites. So we're going to look there.

    There are plenty of other invite manufacturers than just the wedding paper divas. A lot of knotties make their own, actually. You can always look around where you live to see if there are any bridal shops that offer invites, or know of places to buy them.

    You can also search the web. Many will send samples for free so that you can see what the invite looks like before you actually order.

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  • I agree with pp... expect 100% and invite your WP with guests. Also, we are sitting the WP with their other friends, so rather than a head table, we're just doing a sweetheart table (just the 2 of us). No one in our WP knows each other, so we figured this would be best.
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  • I am actually doing the magnet save the dates but I am not ordering them online.  My brother is a graphic designer and they actually bought magnetic sheets you can get at staples or office depot and then they are printing whatever design on it with our engagement photo on it.  It's a ton cheaper to do it this way.  Instead of paying 200 dollars for save the dates we are only paying 50.  I haven't decided what I will do about invitations, I have ordered samples and didn't like them so I might just have my cousin(matron of honor) do them.  She is also a graphic designer.

    As for the date front, we are inviting 260 people and anyone who is invited andover high school age is allowed a date.

    Hope this helps and congrats!

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  • I am getting my invites through gartner studios and I am just getting a kit and doing them myself.  As for wedding party guest, I am going to let them bring a guest.  My MOH might not be allowed to bring her SO, due to the fact that he is married to another women and  no one is ok with that.  SO, unless there is any major issues with the date there isn't any real reason to not let them come.
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  • We are allowing plus ones for everyone over high school age as well. I am making my own invitations and have done a lot of work with them already. You can see them in my bio.
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