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I believe we've decided to put off our real HM (Europe) for a solid year after the wedding. Guess it will be more of an anniversary then. Oh well.

My folks are deadset on us going somewhere after our October 1st wedding. Would like to leave the Sunday night after the wedding and be home that following Sunday.

$2500-$3000 price range.

Has to be site seeing, activities, ect ect. Laying on a beach all day is torture.
Good food, cool locals, culture. Not into big foreign cities though.
Pristine! We don't want to see ruined reefs or just sand. Give me gorgeous.
Up to date resorts/hotels.
I don't like hurricanes personally.
AI is good if the food is fab.

Neither of us have been anywhere tropical. Nor have we swam in that beautiful turqouise water we see in magazines. Or explored a rainforest.
Ok. Shoot.

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