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August 2011 Weddings

Nicest thing during my flight today!

Got on a plane today from Boston to Tulsa even though I have been sick since last week (I'm surprised TSA let me through with the number of medications I had in my carry-on!).  During the beverage and snack service the 2 stewardesses noticed my wedding planner.  One got very excited because she had just gotten married in Boston a few months before and wanted to share all her DIY and cost-savings.  After the service was done, she came back to my seat and brought me back to where they were sitting and we chatted for a long time.  She gave me some excellent pointers and names of vendors she used.  We exchanged email addresses as well.  It was just the nicest thing and really made me smile so I had to share. 

Hope you each had something that made you smile today!

Re: Nicest thing during my flight today!

  • Aww that's nice.  Bet it help make the flight go by faster too.  I love when people get excited for me about my wedding too, makes me even more excited!
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