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San Fran suggestions?

My FI and I will be there exactly a week from now for a few days before heading to Yosemite.  We're looking for any suggestions of where to go attraction wise and restaurant wise.  We're on a shoe string budget! 

Also, any suggestions on how to dress too knowing we'll be doing lots of walking :)  Thanks!

Re: San Fran suggestions?

  • There's a tiny sandwich shop right by Washington Square park that I love -- Mario's Bohemian Cigar Shop, great for lunch and people watching. Also be sure to visit the Cable Car Museum, it's so fascinating to see how it actually works. Of course, you have to ride a cable car while you're there too! If you think you'll ride the cars more than twice in one day, get a daily unlimited pass -- more economical. Have fun!
  • will you be in SF on a Saturday or Tuesday?  the farmers market at the Ferry Building is a MUST SEE!
  • Make sure you check out the bus routes. This will save a TON of $. Have you tried looking at the City of San Francisco website? There is a lot of stuff to do there, you just have to plan what you want to do and look for things around there.
  • Definitley do Alcatraz- it's a once in a lifetime experience and we absolutely loved it.
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  • There is sooo much to do there! Spend time just walking around the city and enjoying the neat neighborhoods, there really is so much to just look at.  If you have the time, and the funds go on a wine tour! My fiance and I went on one with Napa Valley Wine Country Tours and had an amazing time!

    My very favorite experience in San Francisco was renting a bike at fisherman's Wharf, and biking across the golden gate bridge and on to Tiburon. While it is quite crowded, it is totally worth braving the masses. After going across the bridge  continue downhill to Sausalito (as most do). Sausalito is an adorable little town with lots of restaurants, boutiques, and great views. If you still have a lot of energy I would recommend forging on to Tiburon. On the ride you'll pass sweet house boats, ride through a gorgeous park, and experience incredible bay views. once you're there wonder around the charming town a bit, and catch the afternoon ferry back to the city.

    On the ferry grab a drink (they serve beer and cocktails along with regular drinks) and take in the up close views of Alcatraz, Angle Island, and the Bay Bridge, which really does add to the experience. Only do this if you are in decent shape though... another couple did it after us and was miserable because it is a 18+ mile ride.

    Oh and catch a giants game if you can! In my opinion it is the most gorgeous stadium in the country.

    As far as dress, just wear flats and bring a sweater with you even if the day is nice! That fog comes in really quickly!

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    Plan to dress in layers... right now the weather has been flip-flopping between warm and sunny (in the 80's) and cold and foggy (in the 50's).  You're best off planning to wear a tank top with a short or long sleeved shirt over that and have a light jacket or sweatshirt to go over that if needed.  Jeans are good, you may be too cool in shorts.

    A word of advice- if you are going to be out at night downtown, take cabs- downtown SF at night has some sketchy areas (the Tenderloin is kind of nasty, and it's right between Civic Center and Union Square which is quite an upscale area).

    There are SO many great restaurants here, it's hard to recommend just one (especially on a budget) but if you can afford it, Colibri Mexican Bistro in Union Square is where I love to take my out of town guests.  (http://www.colibrimexicanbistro.com/)

    For cheaper eats, honestly I'd go on yelp.com and do a search for what's in walking distance of your hotel and/or the other places you are planning to check out while you are here to see what people recommend.  SF posters are very vocal and a bit fussy, so if a place has a good rep on yelp, it's probably a safe bet!

    I work in the Financial District near the Ferry Building, and I agree that the piers and the Ferry Building are a fun destination.  If you can make it to Fisherman's Wharf, definitely go check out the Musee Mechanique. (http://www.museemechanique.org/)

    San Francisco beaches are NOT like Los Angeles beaches, but if you're willing to possibly brave the wind and cold water, Ocean Beach is one of my favorite places (most of the west coast of San Francisco).

    You might also try to go to Golden Gate Park and walk around a bit, there are some museums there and a conservatory and such which are quite beautiful.
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  • I was in San Fran about 2 weeks ago and Alcatraz was sold out two days in advance!!!  If you really want to go I would buy your tix online.   We were able to get on their Bay cruise the same day that goes around the island and under the Golden Gate Bridge.  (There is tourist map with a five dollar coupon per each ticket). A lot of people rented bikes to ride over the bridge into Sausalito, a cute little town.  We opted to drive over the bridge since we did the cruise. 

    The F line on the cable cars takes you down market street and you can transfer along the Ferry Building to Fisherman's Wharf.   Trolley car also had a looooong wait (by wharf), so we did not end up going for a ride:(

    If you like crepes there were a few places there to get some-yum!  We also did Clam Chowder in a sourdough bowl-a few times, yum! yum!

    Oh yeah, watch out for the random guy hiding behind some leaves-by Alcatraz pier- he'll try to jump out and scare you -lol.

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  • Also,
    When we were there two weeks ago and it happened to be the 2nd warmest day all year there. It was hot.  Definitely, want comfortable walking shoes,sneakers etc. 
    The cruise did get a little chilly, when they took off for the bridge.

    If you can go to AT&T park for a baseball game, it is was one of the nicest stadiums.
    We brought light sweatshirts/jackets that night, as most people, but did not end up needing them.
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  • Looks like SF weather will be mostly in the 60's and 70's for the next week, I'd just bring jeans and leave the shorts at home (but then I rarely wear shorts in public anyway).  :)
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