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HM Cruise in November

Hi Ladies!

I've just started looking into HM options and it seems like a cruise is the best bet for FI and I. Never been on a cruise...so any tips, any cruiseline best for HM's or young couples in general?

TIA :)

Re: HM Cruise in November

  • I'd recommend the Celebrity line.  We cruised on one of their Azamara ships for our HM and it was very nice.  Here's a website that will be a huge help as you explore your options:

  • my fiance and i are also thinking of a november HM cruise, but we are seasoned cruisers and love it.  we generally sail royal caribbean, but everybody has their cruise line of choice.  the great thing about a cruise, is that it is what you make of it.  there is always something going on and you can participate in as much or as little as you like.  my understanding is that royal caribbean and carnival tend to have more activities, and the more expensive lines like celebrity are more about personal attention. 

    like mentioned above, cruise critic is great.  there are reviews of every ship under the sun, and boards dedicated to cruise lines, ports of call, etc.  a cruise really is like no other vacation and the possibilities are endless.  have fun planning your honeymoon!!

  • I have been on two cruises and love them. Both times we went on Princess Cruises. One thing I would recommend is the cruise that we did out of Puerto Rico. Because we lived in Florida for two years I didn't want to leave out of Florida. Both times we left for cruises we went down the Friday before if the cruise left on sunday. This way if something happened with flights getting cancelled you don't miss the cruise. When we left from Puerto Rico it was really nice being there for two days and then going on the cruise. It was also great because you are only at sea for one day instead of two so you get to see more. When you leave on a cruise from florida you are generally at sea for two days either on your way there or on your way back. Good Luck
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