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August 2011 Weddings

How many hours are you guys booking your photographer for?

Mine offers 6 hours of coverage and 250 4x6 proofs for $1,100


8 hours of coverage and 350 4x6 proods AND the images on DVD with full reprinting copyright permissions for $1,500.

Would you guys say the extra 2 hours is worth the extra $400?

Re: How many hours are you guys booking your photographer for?

  • I've got mine for 8 hours!
  • I would definitely say the 2 extra hours are worth it!  Then that way they could be with you while getting ready and what not and it will give you the assurance of knowing all the moments will be captured.
  • Definitely go for the 8 hours.  The one I'm considering offers 10 hours.  If your ceremony is 4 to 5 hours, plus 30 min to 1 hr for ceremony, that's your 6 hours there, especially if your ceremony and reception are a different locations. 
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  • I would take the one with 8 hours because then you get the rights to your pictures which was a really big deciding factor for us. And that seems like a really good price for it as well!
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  • Our is unlimited time for 2 photographers, that was a bonus since the most important thing to me was the rights and cd.

    I'd say go with the 8 hours because you will end up saving more if you want to print extras various sizes.
  • YES!
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  • Mine is for unlimited time!!
  • I have two photographers for 13 hours of coverage - 11:30am until 12:30am. We are getting ready in the morning and taking pics at a university in the afternoon and the ceremony starts at 6pm. Our repcetion ends at 12:30am so we needed them all day long.
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  • I have mine for 10, 2 shooters I wanted the pictures getting ready so thats why we have them for 10, I think the extra 2 hours will be worth it for you in the end! I don't think you'd regret getting extra pictures but maybe regret not getting enough?
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    definitely the 8hrs because you get the 2 extra hrs, your cd with rights and 100 extra 4x6 prints!!
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  • Allllll day! He is my MOH's dad and has known me since I was like 12 so he is giving his time to me as a wedding gift!
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  • We booked our photographer for 10 hours. I want him to be there to capture the whole day!
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  • Not sure what your budget is, but that seems like a good deal. I'm with everyone else - go for the extra hours. We're still figuring out how many hours and whatnot given our budget and the fact that we're still meeting with photographers and figuring out whose photos we like best. I'm thinking at least 6 hours, probs more like 7 or 8. Good luck :)
  • We were only willing to go with photographers who offered all day coverage. For us having two photographers was a bonus. We thought that 8 hours wasn't enough. However, he lives about an hour from me and so does his parents. I live about 45 minutes from the hall. We felt that given the time and the picutures we watned, that 8 hours or less (see some offer only 6 hours).

    We also agreed that minus the hall, we were willing to go extra for our photos.
  • Mine is for 8 hours too!
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  • All day coverage, 2 lead photographers, online viewing, proof books with all images, engagement session and photo guest book for $1500
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