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August 2011 Weddings

What to ask..

I am prepping to meet a potential DJ today, what were some of your questions?  i would love to hear them all!  i am very much at square one with what to expect.  TIA
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Re: What to ask..

  • WOW thanks!  that covered a lot!!  i was really struggling on what to ask. 
    thanks again!
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  • edited October 2010
    Here is the list that we used:


    Number of hours 

    Does this price include a second, smaller set-up for cocktail hour? 


    When is the balance due?

    Is the deposit refundable/transferrable to a different date, subject to your availability? 

    Do you have professional equipment?  Will you describe the equipment that you’d use for our cocktail hour and reception? 

    Do you have back-up equipment? 

    Do you have a back-up plan in case of illness/family emergency/unforeseen whatever?  Have you ever had to use this back-up plan?

    Will you tell us about your experience as a DJ? 

    Have you done any receptions at our venue before?  Does that space present any unique challenges to overcome? 

    Are you open to allowing us to have a lot of input on the music?  How do you prefer to get this input?  (Play/Do Not Play Lists?  Do you get a “sense” from these lists in directing your own song choices?) 

    If we request songs that you don’t have, will you get them for us?  Is there a charge for this? 

    Are you comfortable taking a more “low-key” approach for our reception?  (Not really looking for a DJ with a dominant, chatty presence – looking for a DJ with a “background orchestrator” sort of approach.) 

    What do you wear and what does your set-up look like?  Do you have pictures? 

    Do you have a standard contract that we can look at?      
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  • Oh, also:  Watch out for a clause in the contract that gives the DJ company the right to substitute a different DJ for the one that you met with and chose.  Many of these clauses allow substitution up to the very last minute (read:  the day of your wedding) and without any penalty whatsoever to the DJ company.  I refused to sign a contract with such a clause and kept looking until I found a solo DJ that we liked a lot.
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