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August 2011 Weddings

What do each of the the $ mean?

Ok, I have been looking at dresses on theknot; and i cant figure out the price range!
does anyone know? TIA
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Re: What do each of the the $ mean?

  • I want to say it varies by the seller, so in general $ is going to be cheaper than $$$ but a store in MA might sell it for more than a store in KY.
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  • I would guess that $=under 1000. Do you have the knot magazine? I think they have a pricing key in there.

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  • Would love to know the answer to this as well!! Why can't they just tell us the real price? I usually just stop looking at a site when i see this too..  I feel they have something to hide so i shouldnt bother haha
  • This is from the magazine for dresses:
    $-$$= under $1500
    $$$= 1501-3000
    $$$$=  3001 and up

    *of course, "prices may vary"
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