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Female Usher...

Okay, FI FINALLY made a decision on his side of the WP! Thing is, in our discussion we couldn't think of another guy we were close enough to to put in the WP. We decided to be non-traditional and go with his female cousin as an "usherette". I know gender roles are being broken all the time these days, so I'm not really concerned with the "tradition" of it. We'll have one female and one male usher.

Just wondering if any of you had any opinions on how to make her stand out as an usher instead of just a greeter. Also, is there a way for her to lead people to their seats without being awkward? We just want people to know she is also an usher without pinning a sign on her that says "I'm an usher too".

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Re: Female Usher...

  • Maybe you can have her wear whatever color the bridesmaids are wearing or a shade of it. My friend was a cousin usherette in her cousins wedding not too long ago and they walked people down the aisle and just showed them where to sit and she said it wasn't too awkward. I'm not sure of how to make it not awkward though.
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  • Obviously, if you put her in the programs, people will know. But beforehand, maybe a corsage? 

    Perhaps instead of leading them down as an usher does, she can just instruct people where to sit. Ya know brides side is on the left, please work your way all the way down. 

    I have no clue, we aren't having designated ushers.
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  • I was thinking a corsage, too. Then she can wear whatever dress she wants - if she's going with the same dress as the bridesmaids, it might be tough to match the color. (If you even care about that sort of thing.) 
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