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Re: Dear FI Friday...

  • Dear FI,

    You are awesome. Thank you for making dinner last night and letting me nap all afternoon after a day full of tests and scans. I know I can get frustrated that I do so much by myself sometimes but it is nice to see that when I really need a break, you come through just great. Also, thank you for picking up a second job where you get to work around all of our bizarre schedules. That will make my career change that much smoother and it is nice to know that now we can save up money for the wedding and a downpayment on a house at the same time. Boy do we have a lot going on lately.

    You rock!
    Lots of love,

    Me :)
  • Dear FI,

    I do not like the fact that your job is making you work later on Tuesday's just because someone complained.  It's not your responsibility to fill in for her especially since you have been there longer.  I hope this doesn't last long and that your schedule goes back to normal.

  • Dear FI,

    Thanks for a great Friday! I had so much fun bike riding with you (even if you did slow me down). Our date was wonderful afterwards. I miss you and I can't wait until our next day off together!

    Love you so,
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