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Changing my username..

just so you all know -- I am going to try and change my username.  oops i didnt read the small print that once you choose your name you couldnt change it; and I really dont want my name out there..  and I know i will be on this site with the nest and hopefully bump; so I figure ill change it now.  Ill let you all know what my new identity is!!
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Re: Changing my username..

  • wow i really didnt think that was going to work lol.
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  • were you able to change it?
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  • yea i was herschle; now i am laur0813.  much better!
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  • Wait....were you able to change it without creating a whole new account? How did you do that? When I try to do it, my username is greyed out and it will not let me edit it.

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  • I know!!  I went into account settings; and changed my email to a different one.  then I logged out; and then created a new profile, with my primary email, and all the other info the same.  and then when i went back and looked all my info had transferred. 
    so: account settings change email then;
    log out
    create new profile
    all the same info
    primary email
    new username

    hopefully that works!! good luck!!
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  • BlairLinds81BlairLinds81 member
    edited October 2010
    Hey if I do this will my website transfer over? I spent hours working on it and wouldn't want to lose it. Also how do you create a new profile? I changed my email and logged back in but didnt see an option to make a new profile.
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