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August 2011 Weddings

Dear FI Friday!

Let's go!
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Re: Dear FI Friday!

  • Wow, for some reason I thought it was Wednesday when I woke up today. I am really screwed up.


    Dear FI:

    I can't wait to spend a great weekend at home with you. The weather is great, our pool is open, let's have a wonderful time. Love you so much,

    Love, me
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  • lcoreylcorey member
    Dear FI,

    I'm so glad we are finally going to be able to re-do our kitchen. I love going to Lowes with you and picturing exactly how we want our house to be. You've worked so hard last semester, I'm glad you finally get a break too!
  • Dear FI (DH),
    You really need to clean up all your Class A crap that is laying all around the apartment from the ball LAST WEEK.  And I would also appreciate it if you didn't go golfing or go to a movie with your buddies instead of going apartment hunting with me like you did last weekend.  So due to the fact that you have annoyed the crap out of me all week, I'm going shopping.  You better have something good planned for this weekend...

    Your wife

    (sorry for the anger... I needed to let it out somewhere)
  • Dear FI,

    Thank you for taking me out last night.  The traffic had me so stressed out, and you made it all better.  Love you!
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  • prncszprncsz member
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    Dear FI,

    Sorry for blowing up today, you had a valid point and so did I. I'm so sorry about what happened to you at work. Let's wait to see what the report says before we make any decisions or moves. This couldn't have happened at a worst time right in the middle of planning a wedding you get a suspension. As long as you know you have done everything correctly then the truth will provail on the customer documents and the support is there showing the customer agreed with documents. Just use this as fuel to start your search for a new job. I'm praying that God will keep you at this one until then because the last thing we need is both of us out of work in the middle of wedding planning. I love you and we will get through this bump in the road together.
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