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September 2011 Weddings

NWR: 'The Bachelorette' anyone?

I'm obsessed with The Bachelor/ette series, although Ashley gets on my nerves BIG time, I'm not sure how this season will go....and Bentley is a big Dbag. Anyone else watching?? Laughing

Re: NWR: 'The Bachelorette' anyone?

  • I'm watching!  I like the guy who looks like Heath Ledger but I can't remember his name...I hear ya on Ashley, I was disappointed that it wasn't the other Ashley from last season~she was much more personable.  This Ashley likes herself a bit too much, yuck :(
  • God she has a ridiculous body though. Geez. The baby voice needs to go though, she's so whiney. A bunch of them are cute though--can't keep them all straight yet!
  • This dance thing is really weirding me out...she is a bit of a show off, but if I had that body I would probably be a show off too haha!
  • JP is the one who looks like Heath L....I might be tempted to leave my FI for that cutie pie ;)
  • OH! Love him too!! He seems so sweet. And this guy Mickey is pretty attractive too.....
  • I watch, but I'm way later than you guys are... so I will have to comment tomorrow :-)
    I HATE Bentley. She's stupid though if he makes it far, because she already got warned about him.
  • yeah sarah, and the previews for his comments tonight make me sick to my stomach. Bleh. 
  • Alex~Ditto Micky, love tall, dark and haaaandsome!

    Sarah~we wont reveal any goods and ruin it for you lol! 
  • If you do, just make sure to come back tomorrow to chat about it again ;-)
  • I caught part of it as well.  I don't have much to say tonight as I was on the phone through half of it.  I agree with pp's though, Bentley is an ass.
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