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Delayed Honeymoon - best way to tactfully respond to uninvited guests?

We have decided to delay our honeymoon and take it as a trip for our first anniversary.  What is the best way to respond to people who state that this means they will/can visit or drop by unannounced during the few days we are taking off afterwards?  I am getting tired of telling folks that we are not available for visitors.   Also, how should we tactfully answer folks who ask why we decided to wait on taking a trip?  We have tried 'For Personal reasons' but that does not seem to deter some folks.       
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Re: Delayed Honeymoon - best way to tactfully respond to uninvited guests?

  • Sorry you are dealing with such rude people.  Although you don't owe anyone an explanation, something short and sweet might be the best way to shut them up quickly.  "We decided to delay our honeymoon because it works best for our schedule and finances, although, we are planning to take a few days after the wedding to just enjoy each other's company.  We should definitely get together in a few weeks though once we are all settled in after the wedding."
  • What pp said.  It's none of their business why you're having a delayed honeymoon.  And why on earth would you want to spend your first few days as husband and wife visiting people?  That's really rude of them to ask, but just say what pp said since it's a lot more polite than anything I could probably come up with.
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    I suggest you tell them you are going on a minimoon close to home right after the wedding (so they get the idea you're not available), and have a bigger honeymoon planned for later because of work/school schedules.  Maybe "personal reasons" sounds intriguing to nosey people.  Work/school schedules are not very interesting or unusual and shouldn't invite further inquiry.
  • People are nosey, and no they shouldn't be asking. I agree that saying it works out better for your schedules or you want to save up for a bigger troup would be short and simple and probably shut them up.

    I can KIND OF get why people may want to visit right after. If they are in from OOT, they may want time to just hang with you, not a bunch of other people at the wedding. People are probably excited for you and say, "Well they're not going away or going back to work, so we can go hang out!" I do know people who have a day-after lunch or something with friends and family. It can be nice to sort of unwind and talk about the wedding with your close friends right after.

    But I agree that I wouldn't want constant visitors. Maybe plan a lunch for the day after and for anyone who inquires about visiting, let them know they can join you for lunch that day. Otherwise, I would tell them you will just be getting settled in (esp if you are moving into a new place) and would love to catch up in a week or so.

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