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September 2011 Weddings

Knottie of the Week - purpleXdandelio

This is your week girl....Remember you can answer the questions all at once or break them down through the week. It's up to you.

Have Fun.......

Your name? FI's name?

Wedding Date?

How old are you? your FI?

How long have you been dating?

Where did you meet your FI?

Your colors or theme?

Any children or furbabies?

Where would you like to go for your honeymoon?

Favorite Book?

Favorite Movie?

Favorite TV show?

Favorite Wedding dress designer?

What are your top three wedding related priorities?

Any favorite vendors yet?

Any wedding related challenges yet?

When did you get in engaged and how did he do it?

Biggest wedding spurlge?

Are you having alcohol at the wedding?

Any advice you can give?

Re: Knottie of the Week - purpleXdandelio

  • yay! i was so excited to see this! FI is here now and i'm like "i'm knottie of the week!" and he's all like so? but i'm like "ahh this is so exciting!" haha he just doesn't get it!

    Your name? FI's name? Andrea & Matt
    Wedding Date? 09.10.11 

    How old are you? your FI? we're both 21...but i'm 9 months older...not like it matters  though!! 

    How long have you been dating? it will be 3 years on june 18

    Where did you meet your FI? we went to high school together...we were kind of friends then (meaning we talked once or twice haha) but he came to my grad party, i gave him my number and we started hanging out. we didn't even "like" each other at first that much, but we both hadnt dated anyone and both wanted the experience which is kinda funny (or something) in hindsight. but it developed into a more serious relationship and now here we are!

    Your colors or theme? colorful! 3 attendants each. one wearing bright pink, one wearing tangerine, and one wearing a bright blue ("oasis" from DB). we're DIYing alot so incorporating lots of colors into the placecards, STDs, invited and centerpieces and everything!

    Any children or furbabies? nope!

    Where would you like to go for your honeymoon? maui, hawaii hopefully!

    Favorite Book? i really like anyhing by jodi picoult

    Favorite Movie? hmm....the sound of music, the notebook, bride wars.

    Favorite TV show? home improvement, gilmore girls, and everybody loves raymond!

    Favorite Wedding dress designer? maggie sottero

    What are your top three wedding related priorities? centerpieces, our first dance (gonna take some lessons haha), my dress!

    Any favorite vendors yet? our photographer! she takes awesome pics and is just starting so pretty good pricing. we're doing our engagement session this fall! (theres a Lyssa Hilde Photography page/group on facebook)

    Any wedding related challenges yet? we only have 3 attendants each so it was hard because 2 of my cousins arent in it (just my sister and 2 close friends) so they were kind of mad...but i never see them, and i try to make plans but the day of they are suddenly busy. so why would i have them in my wedding? one is my personal attendant though...it is still kinda hard though. if ppl havent been married yet they just don't get it.

    When did you get in engaged and how did he do it? In September 2009, Matt decided to "feel out the waters" to find out if i would say yes to a proposal. Although he was sneaky, i caught on and impatiently waited for the next 3 months for it to happen. Everytime we went to a fancy restaurant or Matt got dressed up, i was sure it was going to happen -- but never did. his only goal was to have me surprised by the proposal, since everytime we did anything, I thought the evening would end with a ring on my finger. Finally on December 19, I brought FI out to eat for his Christmas present and he proposed after we left the restaurant!! I definitely wasn't expecting it, since the night was supposed to be for Matt and his Christmas present. So we both were happy: Matt had the element of surprise and I finally had my ring!!

    Biggest wedding spurlge? nothing really yet. i'm sure it will be my dress and accessories though

    Are you having alcohol at the wedding? yes, FI's parents are paying for it (which is so nice cuz my fam doesnt really drink much) and getting a full bar

    Any advice you can give? don't try to make everyone happy. this day is about you and FI and your tastes, so don't spend it trying to satisfy everyone else's wishes (but obviously give alittle! )

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  • suze68suze68
    Great getting to know you.... thanks for sharing & congrats on being KOTW - I get it, even if he doesn't :)

    image Sept 2011 Favorite Registry Item
  • i'm very partial to maggie sottero too!!  you have nice taste :)

  • haha...i get it...would be sooo excited to be knottie of the week too..lol
    i loooove maggie sotero too...my dream dress is from her destination line.
    good luck with your planning and 1st dance..lol what kind of dance are u thinking of?
  • thanks everyone =) i love surveys haha...we're just doing an upbeat-er dance...like "the way you look tonight" by frank sinatra...i dont wanna just sway haha. and i had a maggie sottero prom dress and LOVED it (and it got lots of use, i wore it for my formal band concert and prom, then my younger sister wore it for the same 2 events after i graduated and so did one of her friends!). and i love her wedding dresses too...but they look kinda pricey :/ we'll see though!

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  • I get it too...lol...It was so nice getting to know more about you. I like maggie sottero dresses also.;)
  • Aww it was so great to read about you!
  • yay Andrea!
    i'm having my BMs all wear diff colors/dresses too!  well, i have 7 - but they'll all wear either navy, turq, or light grey.  LOVE that!  i'm def not a matchy matchy girl...
  • I love the idea of different colour dresses! Nice to get to know you:)

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  • edited June 2010

    I think I'll be a Maggie bride too!!!  Nice to know you!

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  • Nice getting to know you!  Loking forward to the next year with all of you!
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