Maui or Big Island?

For those who have been to Hawaii, I'm wondering whether you'd recommend going to the Big Island or Maui.  We are already set on Kauai for half the honeymoon (if we ultimately pick Hawaii, which we may not, I'm trying to price things out now), but I'm having a tough time picking our second island for the other half of the honeymoon.  We are not big party people, and prefer a quieter, more secluded atmosphere.  We don't mind active-type excursions, but will probably be doing a lot of relaxing as well.  I've definitely ruled out Oahu, since it seems to be more of a "party" place, which is not what we're looking for on an HM.  So what do you think?  Big Island?  Maui?  One of the other little islands?  Suggestions appreciated!

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