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September 2011 Weddings

Favors/OOT Bags

All the talk about the favors board got my creative juices flowing. What to you girls think of this for favors?


Not sure I would actually buy them cause they'd be really expensive (though I did convo the seller to see if they can do a discount)- it would probably be a DIY item. Anyway, the idea would be to stand them up somehow and use them as escort cards for the guests, but I would also use them in the centerpieces to hold the table numbers to show the guests that they can take them home and use them to hold reminders or photos or something. I would also like to give away cards with our favorite recipes on them, which I think would sort of fit with the whole food/fork theme. What do you ladies think? Is this something that you would use or think to take with you?

ALSO! I found these cute map magnets that the seller said she could make specific to our location and desired areas. I think I'll get them and put them in the OOT bags. I think it would be a cute way to do something sort of personalized while allowing it to be somewhat neutral and an easy thing to use since they could just put it on the fridge. Plus she does bulk discounts so they would only be like $1 a piece.


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Re: Favors/OOT Bags

  • Love the little magnets!
    I think the fork idea is very cool, and unique.  If you decide to DIY you can get forks for a reasonable price at Walmart.  I bought some once, think they were 4 for $1
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  • I love the ideas! So cute! Try looking at yardsales and thrift shops for cheap forks. my mom used to make silverwear windchimes & that where she would get them
  • That fork idea is so unique and I love it! It looks simple to DIY if you have the time, and could be inexpensive like Lisette said, they sell forks for very cheap at Walmart. Or you could even go cheaper and make them with plastic forks...you could spray paint them with your colors or something! Just an idea :)

    The magnets are adorable as well. I absolutely love anything with maps on it!
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  • I love the silverwear idea! I know for a fact that in the early stages of planning I saw in someone's bio that they did something similar (DIY) and had tips but I can't for the life of me remember who. I'll do some searching for you :-)

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  • Thanks girls! I love it when I get such positive feedback on here. FI is always like "yeah, sure, sounds good." Would a little intensity, one way or the other, kill you? Haha :)

    Allison, I would love any tips if you're able to find that person! Though I do think actually bending the tines would be pretty easy... it's more the tarnishing and writing "love" on the fork that I'm not quite sure about.

  • I think its a terrible idea.. edible favors are the ONLY way to go...

    No but really, I think thats a really cool, unique idea!!! and with a little practice getting the love on the fork would get easier (practice on plastic forks first? or with the cost of forks at WM being so cheap it wouldnt put you out too much to practice on them). I almost wanna do it so I can have one! lol.
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  • Hahaha! I just laughed out loud to that Kiley! I think I'll probably end up doing it, so I'll post some tips when I get it all figured out. Maybe you can give it a go yourself! :)
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